Mimosa somnians

Mimosa Somnians

The Mimosa Somnians is also known as (Dormideira) a tree that belongs to the family of Fabaceae. The Fabaceae or Leguminosae, usually known as the pea, Legume or bean family, are an extensive and financially essential group of Flowering plants.

This family consists of Shrubs, trees, and herbaceous plants, which are recognized easily by their organic product such as fruit and their compound. Numerous legumes have the characteristic of fruits and flowers.

Mimosa Somnians is native to Central America, Caribbean, and South America. This tree is short and low lying shrub having minuscule thorns lining its stems like hairs.


The leaves of this tree are sensitive for example when the leaves of this tree are touched, Then they close very quickly just like Mimosa Pudica.

However, the leaves of this plant can be differentiated from the Mimosa pudica in a way that its leaves are bipinnate. For example, there are more than four sub branchlets and these are originating from more than one point on the brach.


Common NameDormideira
Scientific NameMimosa Somnians
SynonymMimosa Podocarpa Benth

Vernacular Name

  • English: Mimosa Somnians
  • Chinese: 含羞草Somnians
  • Finnish: Mimosa Somnian
  • French: Mimosa Somniens
  • German: Mimosa Somnianer
  • Greek: Mimosa Somnians
  • Japanese: ミモザソムニア人
  • Portuguese: Mimosa Somnians
  • Russian: Мимоза Сомнианс
  • Swahili: Mimosa Wasomania

Distribution of Mimosa Somnians

The Mimosa Somnians is distributed in the Following countries.

  • Belize
  • Paraguay
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil North
  • Brazil South
  • Brazil Southeast
  • Brazil Northeast
  •  Brazil West-Central
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Colombia
  • French Guiana
  • Guatemala
  • Guyana
  • Honduras
  • Panamá
  • Mexico Central
  • Mexico Gulf
  • Mexico Southeast
  • Mexico Southwest
  • Venezuela
  •  Nicaragua
  • Trinidad-Tobago


This plant is boiled and its water is used to bath the young children irritation. In Guyana, this plant is used to calm little irritable children’s through washing.

Mimosa somnians

This plant contains around 0.029% tryptamine and around 0.029% methyltryptamine. Many plants contain the tryptamine in a small amount.

It is an essential element for the metabolic pathways because it influences the growth of plant and microbiome. For example, Tryptamine is found as intermediate in the biosynthetic pathways to plant hormone indole 3 acetic acid.


Fun Facts of Mimosa Somnians

Fun facts of Mimosa Somnians


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