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Murex Tribulus is also known as Caltrop Murex. Murex is among the species of large predatory snail. The max length of Murex Tribulus can reach up to the 2.6 to 6.3 inch. Murex lies in the kingdom of Animalia.
It is further classified among Gastropods class with the family of Muricidae. Murex-species are also named as M.tribulus.
Murex snail has a considerably long canal and acute spines. This species acute spines used for protection through the predators. Murex snails are also considered as rock snails.
Murex Tribulus feature
One of its amazing facts is Murex can have 1 hundred spines. The murex normally uses their spines also for threatening the predator. 
According to the researcher, any marine snail belongs to the family of Muricidae. Where prosobranchia is the subclass of Gastropoda. This specific kind of heavy shell is spiny one.
These species families are usually in the tropics. Among these, the shells living in deep rocky shallow are considering part of rocky Whelks.


NameCaltrop Murex
Scientific NameMurex Tribulus
SynonymsMurex (Murex), Tribulus Linnaeus

Vernacular Names

There are different pronunciations for a single name. Murex Tribulus Vernacular names are:

  1. Chinese: 默克斯
  2. English: Murex, Caltrop Murex
  3. Korean: 트리 부라 스
  4. Arabic: موريكس
  5. Persian: مورکس
  6. Russian: Мюрекс


The history of Murex species shows it’s bio-transformation at different times. Also, read the given information below:


Murex Specie is originated from Muricoidea then this species was transformed into muricidae. Which is its parent family?

Murex history one

Its original name is Murex Tribulus Linnaeus. Murex is also amongst the gastropod category. Gastropods are specifically used for snails and slugs.

Fossil Record

The Genus for Murex species is well known for the fossil record. During the shift of Cretaceous to quaternary with the age range from 125 to 130 million years ago. Researchers therefore further added that around 25 such extinct species are there.

Human Use

In recent times labor intensive dyes are costly. However, such as Tyrian purple and Tekhelet was mostly made up of the Phoenicians.

This Phoenicians extracts mucus from the hypobranchial gland, therefore, species commonly named as murex. Therefore, also that name further transformed into Murex Tribulus and Murex brandaris.

Such extracts are rare to produce. Such dyes will now use in making royal robes and other special garments.

Distinctive Features of Tribulus

The distinctive features of Murex include their body structure and Super-family.


Also, Such species are rare in some oceans. But Murex species is widespread among the central Indian and the western Pacific Ocean.

Shell Description

This genus Murex Tribulus in real also includes some of their showy associates. The Murex inner surface of their shells is also of bright colors.


Tribulus ecology is now we are considering as the Habitat behavior of species.


This Murex Species was also found in the shallow zone. It can be found among rocks and the corals.

Murex Life Span

Murex Tribulus lifespan ranges from 10 to 15 weeks. Therefore, these species are having a shorter lifespan.

The Murex Taxonomy

The Murex Trunculus scientific classification is also defined here:

Murex Tribulus Taxonomy picture

Similar Species

Murex Scolopax seashell is kind of similar to the Murex Tribulus. Therefore, the main facts that differentiate these two of them are their categorization and among their size.

Murex Tribulus Similar species

Murex Scolopax is approx. 3 to 3.5 inch in size, therefore, considerably fall in large shells. Based on the categorization Murex Scolopax falls in Woodcock Murex Seashells.

Another Venus comb is also among the diverse family of Murex. However, these species are similar to the Murex Tribulus with spines. The species is also considering as the species of Indo-Pacific.

Also, its comb-like spine cores help them to stay safe from the predator. Therefore, these features also make it similar to Murex Tribulus.

Murex Tribulus Fun Facts

Every species have their own facts and features. But some facts are amazing.

Murex Infographics


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