Crustacean includes the animals like crabs, lobsters, krill, crayfish, barnacles, woodlice, and shrimps. Crustacean is a very different or you can say diver’s arthropod taxon’s. Crustacean belong to the kingdom of Animalia because they have multicellular eukaryotic organisms. They also consider as the kingdom of biological Animalia.

They belong to a large class of (Crustacea). That usually have a Calcareous and exoskeleton, a pair of appendages and two pairs of antennas. These species belong to (Arthropoda). Because they don’t possess a vertebral column. They usually have a segmented body and paired joints.

There are thousands of species of Crustacean. The scientific name of Crustacean in (US). Most of the species are found in deep Oceans (under Water). Some of them are found on land and even in desert areas.

Many species of crustacean are able to live both inside the water and also on land. The higher classification of crustacean is Arthropod. Crustacean synonym is Arthropod.


Scientific NameCrustacea

Vernacular Names

Some of the vernacular names of Crustacean are as follow.

  • Crustacean Chinese Name:  甲壳动物
  • Crustacean Dutch Name: Schaaldier
  • Crustacean German Name: Krebstiere
  • Crustacean Japnese Name:  甲殻類
  • Crustacean Korean Name: 갑각류
  • Crustacean Turkish Name: kabuklulardan
  • Crustacean Russian Name: ракообразное


Here, you will find many interesting facts about crustacean species. Some of the important species are discussed here in detail. You would also find out about the habitat, behavior, size, speed and many interesting facts about crustacea.

Fossil Records of Crustacea

Crustacea have a very good history of the fossil record. That leads back to Cambrian. However, we don’t find it in abundance until the Carboniferous.

Most of the fossils are found in shallow marine sediments. At the time of Carboniferous, most of the major groups of crustacean were present except the Eucarida.

Origin of Crustacea

Crustaceans origin is defined as, they are mostly water animals with a body divided into parts, joints, and segments. A cover body of an outer shell and two pairs of antennae. Their limbs have joints.

Distinctive Features

Crabs (one of the species) have even the ability to leave the water. Ghost Crabs are even able to run at great speed on sea beaches.

mangrove crabs can even climb a tree. Some of the species of crabs are even able to stay outside of water for many days, they are known as land crabs.

However, these species of crabs usually return to the water in their larvae when they are ready to hatch. Most of the land species of crabs are used to live in the damp places. besides, there are some species exists that can live in the vast deserts.

Crustacean Habitat

Crustaceans include sea animals ‘species like crayfish, lobsters, barnacles, woodlice, and krill. We have approximately 40,000 different species of Crustacea.

Crustaceans are the only group of phylum Arthropoda, that include not only the Sea species but also the insects and spiders. Therefore, their habitats are divided into both land-based and ocean-based habitats.


Most of the species of Crustaceans are found inside the water with an abundance of concertation in different subcontinents. Also, their species are found in seawater, freshwater and even on land. A large no of Crustaceans species belongs to Decapoda.

Almost more than 10,000 species only include the American Lobsters. They can reach up to a weight of 20 Kilograms.

Another species of Japanese Spider Crabs which can get long even up to 12 feet. If we talk about the smallest species of Crustaceans, on top of the list we have water fleas such as Antonella.

Their size is even smaller up to 0.25 millimeter. Many other species of Copepoda are even less than one millimeter.


Crustacean Fun Facts

Whenever you think about crustacean, you probably consider some big Ugly Spanner Crab or maybe a giant Lobster. But you know what! that’s not how all the Crustacean species look like.

We know most of the species of Crustacean are found underwater. But there are also 2 species of crustacean that lives on the land.

Crustacean Fun Facts For Children

Rolie polies and crayfish are the two species that can live on the land. And rolie polies are small in size as compare to other species of crustacean. Crayfish can grow bigger as compare to rolie polies.

Life History and Life Span

In the early species, sexes were normal but later on after we found new and new species. Moreover, many individual species are found having both male and female reproductive organs.

In some group of species, present males were much smaller as compared to their female hermaphrodites.

Therefore, to fertilize their eggs male attached themselves to the interior mantle cavity of the female. in some of the shrimp’s change of sex during the life cycle is a regular feature.

In normal sexual reproduction fusion of sperm and egg is involved, but in some cases, female produces eggs without being fertilized by the sperm.

In some species, crustacean female released their eggs freely in the water and some of the females carry their eggs attached to the abdominal appendages.

Crustaceans Similar Species

Crustaceans Similar Species


Crustaceans have played many important roles in the Aquatic Ecosystem. Krill eat the microscopic plants and other food in the sea. And Seabirds, Whales, and fishes searching for food eat them in the sea.

Crustaceans are also a big source of food for Whale and small predator fishes like Prana and Catfish. Many species of crustaceans are also eatable and a big source of food for people in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and almost in all the European Countries.


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