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David Stang

David Stang has contributed 44,047 photos to this site.

David Stang with friend

David has loved wildlife and the outdoors all his life. As a kid on Long Island's Great South Bay, he messed around in little boats, swam, and explored the water world. As an undergraduate, he took courses in ecology, wildlife management, soil and water conservation, ichthyology, and ornithology.

David's first career was as a research psychologist; his second in software, information security, and organizational development. In the course of these careers, he taught college, wrote a dozen books and hundreds of articles, and gave hundreds of seminars around the world. He founded StarWare, the first IBM PC systems house and mail order business in the Washington DC area in1981, the National Computer Security Association in 1989 (now renamed ICSA Labs), Quarterdeck's Antivirus Research Center, the North American operations of Norman Data Defense Systems, and Seven Locks Software. He co-founded PestPatrol, where he directed the Center for Pest Research. PestPatrol was acquired by Computer Assoc iates in August, 2004.

Now retired, David can do what he loves: immerse himself in nature and computers (via,, and his blog at, and play with his horse, Guerrero. Stang serves on the Board of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. He holds a B.S. from Cornell University, an M.S. from the University of Toronto and a Ph.D. from Syracuse University.

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