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The Order Laurales is a member of the Class Magnoliopsida. Here is the complete "parentage" of Laurales:

The Order Laurales is further organized into finer groupings including:


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The Calycanthaceae (sweetshrub or spicebush family) is a small family of flowering plants included in the order Laurales. The family contains four genera and only 6-11 species, restricted to warm temperate and tropical regions: [more]


Gomortega keule (syn. G. nitida; Spanish names Keule, Queule and Hualhual) is a tree native to Chile. It is the sole species of the genus Gomortega and, according to the APG II system of 2003 (unchanged from the APG system of 1998), of the monotypic family Gomortegaceae, assigned to the order Laurales in the clade magnoliids. [more]


Hernandiaceae is the botanical name for a family of flowering plants. Such a family has been recognised by most taxonomists. [more]


The Lauraceae or Laurel family comprises a group of flowering plants included in the order Laurales. The family includes about 55 genera with perhaps as many as 4000 species world-wide, mostly from warm or tropical regions, especially Southeast Asia and South America. Most are aromatic evergreen trees or shrubs, but one or two genera, including Sassafras are deciduous, and Cassytha is a genus of parasitic vines. [more]


Monimiaceae is a family of flowering plants, which includes 150-220 species of shrubs and small trees in 18-25 genera. They are native to the southern hemisphere tropics and subtropics. The largest genus is Tambourissa, with 50 species in Madagascar, the Mascarene Islands, and the Comoros. The type genus, , is endemic to the Macarenes. [more]

At least 719 species and subspecies belong to the Family Monimiaceae.

More info about the Family Monimiaceae may be found here.


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