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ZipcodeZoo:Lookup Life

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Lookup Life

Lookup Life™ is our name for our expanding services designed to help you learn more about the planet's plants and animals.

Lookup.Life provides a powerful search tool "front end" for field identification of species, using your location and clues about what you've seen to help identify a species. Once you've tentatively identified a plant or animal, you'll have access to more natural history information than you can find in any other source, including photos, videos, audio recordings, and interactive maps. All that information comes from ZipcodeZoo.com. ZipcodeZoo.com is a free, online natural history encyclopedia, with pages for each of the world's 4.6 million species and infraspecies of plants and animals.

Download for Android here. Download for Windows Phone here. Download for iPhone,iPad, and iPod Touch here. Or use your desktop browser here.

Here are some of the things you can do with Lookup.Life:

Find a plant using appearance (habit, bloom period, etc.), leaf morphology (shape, venation, margin), growth factors (hardiness zones, sunlight, etc.), and various special qualities (deer-resistant, smog-tolerant, etc.)

Find a bird or butterfly you've seen using info about its appearance as well as its likelihood of being found where you are.

List plants or animals found near you, in order of probability, and click to learn more about any of 4.6 million species and infraspecies.

Learn the songs and calls of 17,000 species of birds. You may select a bird of interest by scientific name or by English / French / German / Italian / Spanish common name. View or hide distribution maps, photos, and information on color, diet, and reproduction. Then play from a list of calls and songs. You may play two or more recordings at once, a trick which will hasten your learning of this bird's sound.

Learn the sounds of local birds. To do this, we examine our database of 249,201,562 field observations, and determine how many are found near you. We then sort that list, and provide sounds and sonograms on the top birds in your area, drawing on our database of 160,168 sounds and sonograms for 17,725 birds.

Track what you've seen and heard with LifeList. Your information is stored in the cloud, so you can access it from any device. Once you have the name for the plant or animal of interest, you'll be able to learn such things as common names in various languages, clues to identification, behavior, habitat, ecology, distribution, taxonomy, and conservation status. Many species descriptions include photos, videos, and audio recordings.


Everything you'll see with Lookup.Life is free, and ad-free as well.

Download for Android here. Download for Windows Phone here. Download for iPhone,iPad, and iPod Touch here. Or use your desktop browser here.