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Turdus migratorius confinis

American Robin
Turdus migratorius confinis
Turdus migratorius confinis 0.jpg
Turdus migratorius confinis ('American Robin')
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Genus: Turdus
Species: T. migratorius
Subspecies: confinis
Binomial name
Turdus migratorius confinis
S. F. Baird, 1864

Turdus migratorius confinis is a subspecies within the kingdom Animalia. English vernacular for Turdus migratorius confinis is American Robin.

Vernacular Names

  • English: American Robin · American Robin (San Lucan)
  • German: Montezumawachtel
  • Hungarian: Pettyes fogasfürj


Similar Species


  • Turdus migratorius confinis


Name Status

Name status: accepted name.
Latest taxonomic scrutiny: 04-Nov-2013
Source: ITIS Global, Dec 2014
Some taxonomic info derived from IOC.[1]


Mountains of s Baja California (Sierra de la Laguna) Breeding range: Breeding range: Breeding range: Breeding range: Breeding range: Breeding range: Breeding range: Breeding range: NA, MA Alaska and Canada to Guatemala e Canada Alaska (except se), Canada (except e and w) and c and ne USA se USA se Alaska and coastal w Canada interior sw Canada and interior w USA to c Mexico sw Mexico s Baja California (nw Mexico)

  • Reported here: Australia:Victoria, Mexico, Mexico:Baja, United States.

Map showing distribution of observations of Turdus migratorius confinis.




Roost Calls. GPS 23° 38.036’ 109° 55.489’; small, distant group 15 min after sunset Background sounds: * California Towhee (Melozone crissalis)· * White-winged Dove (Zenaida asiatica)· Date recorded: March 19, 2007. Latitude: 23.6503 Longitude: -109.9234 Elevation: 2297 feet. Location: Rio El Aguajo, near San Antonio de la Sierra, Baja Sur Mexico. Citation: Richard E Webster, XC21488. Accessible at www.xeno-canto.org/21488. ©Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5}
Flight Call. GPS 23° 36.890’ 109° 54.992’; flight call (two types) at start, one type again at end Background sounds: * American Grey Flycatcher (Empidonax wrightii)· * White-winged Dove (Zenaida asiatica)· Date recorded: March 20, 2007. Latitude: 23.6151 Longitude: -109.9167 Elevation: 4265 feet. Location: Sierra Los Pinos above San Antonio de la Sierra, Baja Sur Mexico. Citation: Richard E Webster, XC21487. Accessible at www.xeno-canto.org/21487. ©Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5}

More Information


  • Catalog of Life Identifier: 31bb3b269b11c108a0bfd28b583a165c
  • GBIF: TaxonID: 6171839 TaxonKey: 13903289
  • ITIS: 179765
  • Namebank ID: 24740
  • SP2000 Accepted Name Code: ITS-179765
  • ZipcodeZoo CritterID: 407326


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