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Trichomonas gallinae

Trichomonas gallinae
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Excavata
Phylum: Metamonada
Class: Parabasalia
Order: Trichomonadida
Genus: Trichomonas
Species: T. Gallinae
Binomial name
Trichomonas gallinae
(Rivolta, 1878)

Trichomonas gallinae is a species within the kingdom Excavata.

A widespread and often fatal parasite (causing Trichomoniasis) of pigeons and doves which also infects turkeys, chickens, raptors, and finches. The cosmopolitan protozoan may be transmitted from one bird to another through contaminated drinking water, an infected parent feeding the young, or when a raptor eats an infected bird. Pigeons and doves may transmit it through crop milk. Some birds recover from infection, and remain asymptomatic carriers.

Keeping bird feeders and baths clean can help reduce Trichomoniasis.



Trichomonas gallinae Trichomonadoza (zlty guzek, hexamitiasis) - szeroko rozpowszechniona choroba infekcyjna wywolana przez pierwotniaka... Recordist: Przychodnia Zwierzak Terms of use.



  • Species Trichomonas gallinae (Rivolta, 1878)
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