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Haworthia venosa

Haworthia venosa
Haworthia venosa 0.jpg
Haworthia venosa ('Haworthia')
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Magnoliophyta
Subphylum: Euphyllophytina
Infraphylum: Radiatopses
(unranked): Liliopsida
Subclass: Magnoliidae
Superorder: Lilianae
Order: Asparagales
Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae
Genus: Haworthia
Species: H. venosa
Binomial name
Haworthia venosa

Aloe parva (Haw.) Schult. & Schult.f.
Aloe tessellata (Haw.) Schult. & Schult.f.
Catevala tessellata (Haw.) Kuntze
Haworthia coriacea (Resende & Poelln.) Breuer
Haworthia engleri Dinter
Haworthia minutissima Poelln.
Haworthia parva Haw.
Haworthia pseudogranulata Poelln.
Haworthia pseudotessellata Poelln.
Haworthia tessellata Haw.
Haworthia tessellata f. brevior Resende & Poelln.
Haworthia tessellata var. coriacea Resende & Poelln.
Haworthia tessellata var. elongata Woerden
Haworthia tessellata var. engleri (Dinter) Poelln.
Haworthia tessellata var. inflexa Baker
Haworthia tessellata f. longior Resende & Poelln.
Haworthia tessellata var. luisieri Resende & Poelln.
Haworthia tessellata f. major J.R.Br.
Haworthia tessellata var. minutissima (Poelln.) Viveiros
Haworthia tessellata var. obesa Resende & Poelln.
Haworthia tessellata var. palhinhiae Resende & Poelln.
Haworthia tessellata var. parva (Haw.) Baker
Haworthia tessellata var. simplex Resende & Poelln.
Haworthia tessellata var. stephaneana Resende & Poelln.
Haworthia tessellata var. tuberculata Poelln.
Haworthia tessellata var. velutina Resende & Poelln.
Haworthia venosa var. tessellata (Haw.) Halda

Haworthia venosa is a species within the kingdom Plantae, family Xanthorrhoeaceae. English vernacular for Haworthia venosa is Haworthia.

Vernacular Names

  • English: Haworthia



  • Ecology Attracts Butterflies: y;.
  • Habit Habit: evergreen.
  • Propagation Culture: space 3-6" apart;.
  • Size Size: under 6" tall.
  • Soil Minimum pH: 61; Maximum pH: 78;.
  • Sun Sun Exposure: light shade.
  • Temperature Cold Hardiness: 10a.
  • Miscellaneous Size: under 6" tall.

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Name Status

Publishing author: Haw. Publication: Revis. Pl. Succ. 44.

Name Status: Accepted Name.

Last scrutiny: 09-Jul-2004


SW. Cape Prov.

  • Reported here: Mexico, Namibia, South Africa, South Africa:Free State, South Africa:Northern Cape, South Africa:Western Cape, United States.

Map showing distribution of observations of Haworthia venosa.



More Information


  • GBIF: TaxonID: 2780205 TaxonKey: 1201859
  • Namebank ID: 5838248
  • SP2000 Accepted Name Code: Kew-277500
  • ZipcodeZoo CritterID: 743666


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