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    Our natural world is rapidly losing its diversity and abundance. To slow this loss, and to better appreciate the natural world, we must begin with local nature. ZipcodeZoo works to bring the natural world to armchair, amateur, and professional naturalists. Our focus is Applied Biogeography: understanding plants and animals in their place, perhaps even your backyard.

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    Based on the location of your ISP, ZipcodeZoo guesses where you live. You can improve on our guess, if you wish, by correcting the location info here. Your custom home page on the "My Home" tab below uses that location info. Everyone will see info on invasive species, species that are threatened, and all species that live in this area. Visitors from the U.S. will also see zipcode demographics, local attractions for naturalists, and the local weather.

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We are working to become a proper home base for Naturalists, both amateur and professional.

We have also created 183,591 pages with text, photos, and maps for taxonomic groups from Domain down to Genus. Finding all of this can be fast, because about 3 million pages are indexed for soundex searches.

This site is big. As of Friday, March 06, 2015, this site is home to 3,163,810 web pages describing 1,488,650 animals, 1,423,693 plants, 199,175 fungi, 16,052 chromista, 17,015 protozoa, 16,360 bacteria, and 2,325 viruses. Pages contain 467,984 photos taken by 6,213 photographers, 160,168 sound recordings, and definitions of 227,060 terms. 250,698 Large photos can be zoomed and panned.

We have gathered a total of 249,201,562 field observations from 28,481 data sets and 1,547 data providers which show latitude and longitude, from which we have generated 306,311 State Maps, 1,375,803 Country Maps, 468,959 Google maps showing up to 200 sightings each, and 468,959 Google Earth maps showing all sightings. Click on a pinpoint on one of these maps, and you'll learn more about that observation.

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Recent Animal updates: North American Wood Duckcommon wild turkeythick-billed plovereverybody’s darlingSmooth-Headed RedbirdMississippi Sandhill Cranering-billed blackheadRing-billed Gullred-and-buff-shouldered blackbirdLesser Frigate Birdblack-bellied ploverDouble-headed maori wrasseEuropean sturgeonYakut crucian carpSmall Black Tipped SharkEurasian MooseGolden-bellied Water RatLeatherback Sea TurtleLoggerhead Sea TurtlePallid HarrierRed-breasted NuthatchRed-bellied Woodpeckerorchard hang-nestwestern piping ploverLittle green heronLaughing GullAmerican Least TernVirginia horned owlRocky Mountain robinBlack SkimmerBlue Winged Tealbrown-backed oystercatcherRatao do BanhadoBlueback Glut HerringGreat White Egretlittle blue heronfork-tailed storm-petrelAustralian Yellow-Webbed Storm-PetrelLeach’s fork-tailed petrelAustralian SnipeWeka RailShort-snouted seahorseSolitary SnipeKoala BearBrush-tailed PhascogaleMediterranean chubDark WhitefaceSwift ParrotBroad Sea FanSteller’s sea lionLong-Beaked Saddleback DolphinEastern Forest BatSouthern Forest BatCommon serotineNorthern BatLarge Forest BatEurasian daceGreen SandpiperAmerican green sandpiperWandering (Alaskan) TattlerEuropean Edible Sea UrchinEuropean Pond TurtleAtlantic Goliath Grouperlesser long-legged tattlerAmerican AvocetEuropean CormorantAmerican BitternLittle BitternAmerican White PelecanCape Wandering Albatross

Recent Plant updates: Jurema PretaRhyncattleanthe Suzuki’s Golden Star OrchidRhyncholaeliocattleya Suzuki’s Excalibur OrchidRhyncholaeliocattleya Suzuki’s Fame OrchidRhyncholaeliocattleya Suzuki’s Matrix OrchidRhyncattleanthe Suzuki’s Daredevil OrchidRhyncholaeliocattleya Suzuki’s Glowing Sunset OrchidMoth orchidRhyncholaeliocattleya Suzuki’s Nautillus OrchidRhyncattleanthe Suzuki’s Mandarin OrchidDoritaenopsis Champion Fairy OrchidDoritaenopsis Taida Sweetheart OrchidDancing-lady orchidEpithechea Morning Star OrchidCattleya Susan Holguin OrchidCattleya Woomera OrchidCattleya Wudhikanakorn Fame OrchidCattleya Windermere OrchidCattleya Wine Festival OrchidCattleya Winter’s Gold OrchidCattleya Wilbur Chang OrchidCattleya William Miles OrchidCattleya Washington Post OrchidCattleya Wayndora OrchidCattleya Wheal Rose OrchidCattleya Waikiki Romance OrchidCattleya Violetta (1988) OrchidCattleya Waccamaw OrchidCattleya Veldorado OrchidCattleya Velvet Dream OrchidLuisanda Soetomo Soerohaldoko OrchidPansy orchidDisa Langley Rose OrchidDisa Monterey OrchidDisa Theo Kirsch OrchidDoritaenopsis Taida Flame OrchidDoritaenopsis Taida Golden Stripe OrchidLady’s-slipperRhyncholaeliocattleya Montmorenci OrchidRhyncholaeliocattleya Moreton Bay Orchid

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