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Varanus gouldii

(Sand Goanna)


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Common Names

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Common Names in Breton:

Varan Gould

Common Names in Dutch:

Goulds varaan

Common Names in English:

Sand Goanna

Common Names in Finnish:


Common Names in German:

Goulds Waran

Common Names in Hungarian:

Homoki varánusz

Common Names in Navajo, Navaho:

Séí tiníléítsoh

Common Names in Norwegian:


Common Names in Polish:

Waran Goulda

Common Names in Ukrainian:

Варан Гулда


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Hydrosaurus gouldii Gray 1838: 394 • Monitor gouldii — Schlegel 1839: 78 • Varanus gouldi — De Rooij 1915: 149 • Varanus gouldii gouldii — BÖhme 1991: 38 • Varanus gouldii gouldii — Cogger 2000: 368 • Varanus gouldii gouldii — De Lisle 1996: 126 • Varanus gouldii gouldii — Mertens 1958 • Varanus gouldii gouldii< /i> (Gray 1838) • Varanus gouldii — Boulenger 1885: 320 • Varanus gouldii — DumÉril & DumÉril 1851: 52 • Varanus panoptes Storr 1980: 273 • Varanus< /i> (Varanus) Gouldii - Mertens 1942


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: The lectotype of V. gouldii has been a specimen of V. panoptes, formally rendering the name panoptes a junior synonym of gouldii. Sprackland et al. (1997) proposed that the lectotype of gouldii be set aside and a neotype designated in accord with accustomed usage . A neotype has been designated by the Comission of Zoological Nomenclature in March 2000 (Opinion 1948): BMNH 1997.1 from Karrakatta, Perth, Western Australia. Varanus gouldii rubidus is listed here as a subspecies of V. panoptes following COGGER 2000. Varanus gouldii horni BÖHME 1988 is not listed by COGGER 2000. the International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature (2000: Opinion 1948) accepted an application to set aside the lectotype and to replace it by a neotype fitting with what was understood to be V. gouldii before. Illustration in Schmida (2000) and Bennet (2003).

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Varanus

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