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Spondias dulcis



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Common Names

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Common Names in Burmese:


Common Names in Danish:

Sød Mombinblomme, Soed Mombinblomme

Common Names in English:

Ambarella, Caja-Manga, Dwarf Ambarella, Golden Apple, Golden-Apple, Great Hog Plum, Hog Plum, Jew Plum, Jew-Plum, Jewish Plum, June Plum, Li Tree, Makopa, Oatahette Apple, Otaheite Apple, Otaheite-Apple, Polynesian Plum, Polynesian-Plum, Tahitian Quince, Wi-Tree, Yellow Plum, Yellow-Plum

Common Names in Finnish:


Common Names in French:

Casamangue, Pomme Cythère, Pomme De Cythère, Pommier De Cythère, Prune Cythère, Prune De Cythère, Prunier D´amérique, Prunier De Cythère

Common Names in German:

Goldpflaume, Süsse Mombinpflaume, Suesse Mombinpflaume, Tahiti-Apfel, Tahitiapfel

Common Names in Italian:


Common Names in Japanese:


Common Names in Khmer:


Common Names in Laotian:

Kook Hvaan

Common Names in Malay:

Kedongdong, Kedongdong Manis (Indonesia)

Common Names in Spanish:

Ambarella, Hobo De Racimos (Colombia), Jobo De La India, Juplón (Costa Rica), Manzana De Oro (Peru), Spondias Dorata

Common Names in Swedish:

Cytheraaepple, Guldplommon, Soett Balsamplommon, Tahitiaepple

Common Names in Tagalog:


Common Names in Thai:

Má Kok Wan (As S Cytherea), Makok, Makok Farang

Common Names in unspecified:

Ambarella, Jewish Plum

Common Names in Vietnamese:



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Physical Description

Species Spondias dulcis

Tree 18m tall, 40cm dbh. BARK : smooth , grey with faint vertical lines , slight horizontal ridges c.20cm long and eye-shaped scars at old nodes. SLASH: soft, brittle, fibrous , chunky, thin, pale pink-brown with red fire lines, sapwood yellow. LEAVES: US midrib , secondary and marginal nerves slightly prominant; LS secondary and marginal nerves slightly raised, tertiary nerves obscure ; teeth glandular .

Habit: Tree

Flowers: Bloom Period: blooms repeatedly • Flower Color: inconspicuous, near white, none, white


Size: 12-18" tall.


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Duration: Perennial


Sunlight: Sun Exposure: Full Sun .

Temperature: Cold Hardiness: 9b, 10a, 10b, 11. (map)


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Evia dulcis (Parkinson) Kosterm. • Spondias cythera Sonner. • Spondias cytherea Sonnerat


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: 15-Mar-2000

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Spondias

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S. axillaris (Himalayan Ambarella) · S. dulcis (Ambarella) · S. haplophylla (Single-Leaved Spondias) · S. indica (Mango) · S. lakonensis (Hairy-Leaved Cantonese Mombin) · S. macrocarpa (Cajo-Redondo) · S. mombin (Hogplum) · S. pinnata (Common Hog Plum) · S. purpurea (Ciruela) · S. tuberosa (Imbu)

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