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Salix caprea caprea

(Goat Willow)

Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Goat Willow

Common Names in Italian:

Salice, Salicone

Common Names in Japanese:

Bakko-Yanagi, Ezo-No-Yamoneko-Yanagi

Common Names in Romanian:

Iovă, Salcie Căprească

Common Names in Russian:

Bredina, Iva Koz'ja, Rakita, бредина, ива козья, ракита

Common Names in Spanish:

Sauce Cabruno


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Genus Salix

Trees or shrubs deciduous, rarely evergreen (if shrubs, then erect , ascending procumbent , creeping, or cushion-shaped) ; pith terete . Branches terete. Terminal bud usually absent; buds with single scale. Leaves alternate, rarely subopposite or opposite; stipules small, free , deciduous or persistent , developed mainly on vigorous branchlets ; petiole short; leaf blade variously shaped, often long and narrow. Flowering precocious , coetaneous , or serotinous; catkins upright or spreading , rarely pendulous; bracts entire, persistent or caducous . Flowers entomophilous or anemophilous , each with 1 or 2 glands : 1 abaxial (dorsal) or absent and 1 adaxial (ventral), i.e. , abaxial gland between bract and stipe, adaxial gland between stipe and rachis. Male flower: stamens 2-many; filaments free or partly to completely connate , usually exceeding bracts; anthers 2-loculed (rarely 4-loculed if filaments connate), opening lengthwise. Female flower: ovary 2-loculed, sessile or stipitate ; style 1, short, slender, or absent, entire or 2-cleft; stigmas 1 or 2, lobed or entire. Capsule 2-valved. Seeds mostly green or gray-green, small, surrounded by fine hairs .

About 520 species: cold and temperate regions of N hemisphere, a few in S hemisphere; 275 species (189 endemic, at least one introduced ) in China.[1]


Typically found at an altitude of 0 to 594 meters (0 to 1,949 feet).[2]


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Similar Species

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Members of the genus Salix

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 292 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus. Here are just 100 of them:

S. acutifolia 'Pendulifolia' (Willow) · S. alaxensis (Feltleaf Willow) · S. alaxensis var. alaxensis (Feltleaf Willow) · S. alaxensis var. longistylis (Felt-Leaf Willow) · S. alba (White Willow) · S. albaforma tristis (Golden Weeping Willow) · S. alba 'Vitellina' (Golden Weeping Willow) · S. alba 'Chermesina' (White Willow) · S. alba 'Drakonburg' (White Willow 'drakonburg') · S. alba 'Flame' (Flame White Willow) · S. amoena (Willow) · S. amygdaloides (Peach-Leaf Willow) · S. angustifolia (Willow) · S. arbusculoides (A Willow) · S. arctica (Arctic Willow) · S. arctica arctica (Arctic Willow) · S. arctophila (Arctic Willow) · S. arenaria (Creeping Willow) · S. argentea (Willow) · S. argusii (Argus' Willow) · S. argyrocarpa (Labrador Willow) · S. arizonica (Arizona Willow) · S. athabascensis (Athabasca Willow) · S. atrocinerea (Smooth Twig Grey Willow) · S. aurita (Eared Willow) · S. babylonica (Babylon Weeping Willow) · S. babylonica var. glandulipilosa (Babylon Weeping Willow) · S. babylonica 'Crispa' (Weeping Willow) · S. ballii (Ball's Willow) · S. barclayi (Barclay's Willow) · S. barrattiana (Barratt Willow) · S. bebbiana (Beaked Willow) · S. bebbii (Bebb's Willow) · S. beschelii (Beschel's Willow) · S. bicolor (Willow) · S. bonplandiana (Bonpland Willow) · S. boothii (Blueberry Willow) · S. brachycarpa (Barrenground Willow) · S. brachycarpa brachycarpa (Short Capsuled Willow) · S. brachycarpa psammophila (Sand-Dune Short-Capsuled Willow) · S. brachycarpa 'Blue Fox' (Barrenground Willow) · S. brachypurpurea (Willow) · S. breweri (Brewer's Willow) · S. caerulea (White Willow) · S. calcicola (Woolly Willow) · S. candida (Hoary Willow) · S. caprea (French Pussywillow) · S. caprea caprea (Goat Willow) · S. caprea var. Rosea (French Pussy Willow) · S. caprea 'Kilmarnock' (Kilmarnock Willow) · S. caprea 'Pendula' (Kilmarnock Willow) · S. caprea 'Weeping Sally' (French Pussywillow) · S. caroliniana (Carolina Willow) · S. cascadensis (Cascade Willow) · S. chaenomeloides (Giant Pussywillow) · S. chamissonis (Chamisso's Willow) · S. chlorolepis (Green-Scaled Willow) · S. chrysocoma (Golden Weeping Willow) · S. cinerea (Grey Sallow) · S. cinerea cinerea (Large Gray Willow) · S. cinerea oleifolia (Large Gray Willow) · S. cinerea var. atrocinerea (Pussy Willow) · S. cinerea subsp. oleifolia (Large Gray Willow) · S. cinerea 'Variegata' (Grey Sallow) · S. coaetanea (Willow) · S. commutata (Undergreen Willow) · S. conifera (Conifer Willow) · S. cordata (Heartleaf Willow) · S. cottetii (Cottet Willow) · S. cryptodonta (Smalltoothed Willow) · S. daphnoides (Violet Willow) · S. daphnoides 'Henry' (Violet Willow 'henry') · S. dasyclados (Holme Willow) · S. delnortensis (Del Norte Willow) · S. dieckiana (Dieck's Willow) · S. discolor (American Pussy-Willow) · S. discolor 'Rosea' (American Pussy-Willow) · S. drummondiana (Drummond's Willow) · S. drummondiana var. subcoerulea (Drummond´s Willow) · S. dutillyi (Dutilly's Willow) · S. eastwoodiae (Eastwood's Willow) · S. ehrhartiana (Ehrhart's Willow) · S. elaeagnos (Elaeagnus Willow) · S. eriocephala (Diamond Willow) · S. eriocephala 'American Mckay' (Diamond Willow) · S. exigua (Coyote Willow) · S. exigua exigua (Western Sandbar Willow) · S. fargesii (Chinese Willow) · S. farriae (Farr Willow) · S. floridana (Florida Willow) · S. fluviatilis (Columbia River Willow) · S. fragilis (Crack Willow) · S. fragilis L. 'Bullata' (Crack Willow) · S. fragilis var. decipiens (White Welsh Willow) · S. fuscescens (Alaska Bog Willow) · S. gaspeensis (Gaspeen Willow) · S. geyerana (Geyer Willow) · S. geyeriana (Geyer Willow) · S. glatfelteri (Glatfelter's Willow) · S. glauca (Grayleaf Willow)

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  1. "Salix". in Flora of China Vol. 4 Page 162. Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press. Online at [back]
  2. Mean = 84.750 meters (278.051 feet), Standard Deviation = 110.890 based on 598 observations. Altitude information for each observation from British Oceanographic Data Centre. [back]
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