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Rhipsalis goebeliana


Common Names

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Family Cactaceae

Fleshy perennials , shrubs , trees or vines , terrestrial or epiphytic. Stems jointed , terete , globose , flattened, or fluted , mostly leafless and variously spiny . Leaves alternate, flat or subulate to terete, vestigial, or entirely absent; spines, glochids (easily detached, small, bristlelike spines), and flowers always arising from cushionlike, axillary areoles (modified short shoots ) . Flowers solitary, sessile, rarely clustered and stalked (in Pereskia), bisexual , rarely unisexual , actinomorphic or occasionally zygomorphic. Receptacle tube (hypanthium or perianth tube) absent or short to elongate , naked or invested with leaflike bracts, scales , areoles, and hairs , bristles , or spines; perianth segments usually numerous , in a sepaloid to petaloid series. Stamens numerous, variously inserted in throat and tube; anthers 2-loculed, dehiscing longitudinally. Ovary (pericarpel) inferior, rarely superior, 1-loculed, with 3 to many parietal (rarely basal) placentas; ovules usually numerous; style 1; stigmas 2 to numerous, papillate , rarely 2-fid. Fruit juicy or dry, naked, scaly , hairy , bristly , or spiny, indehiscent or dehiscent , when juicy then pulp derived from often deliquescent funicles (except in Pereskia) . Seeds usually numerous, often arillate or strophiolate ; embryo curved or rarely straight; endosperm present or absent; cotyledons reduced or vestigial, rarely leaflike.

About 110 genera and more than 1000 species: temperate and tropical America; Rhipsalis baccifera (J. S. Mueller) Stearn native in tropical Africa, Madagascar, Comoros, Mascarenes, and Sri Lanka; some species of other genera now extensively naturalized in the Old World through human agency; more than 60 genera and 600 species cultivated as ornamentals or hedges in China, of which four genera and seven species more or less naturalized.[1]

Physical Description

Flowers: Flower Color: near white, pale pink, white


Size: under 6" tall.


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Culture: Space 6-9" apart.

Soil: Minimum pH: 6.1 • Maximum pH: 6.5

Sunlight: Sun Exposure: Light Shade.

Temperature: Cold Hardiness: 10a, 10b, 11. (map)


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Similar Species

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Members of the genus Rhipsalis

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R. baccifera (Mistletoe) · R. baccifera erythrocarpa (Mistletoe Cactus) · R. baccifera hileiabaiana (Mistletoe Cactus) · R. burchellii (Rhipsalis) · R. campos-portoana (Rhipsalis) · R. capilliformis (Link Cactus) · R. cereoides (Rhipsalis) · R. cereuscula (Coral Cactus) · R. clavata (Rhipsalis) · R. crispata (Rhipsalis) · R. cuneata (Rhipsalis) · R. dissimilis (Rhipsalis) · R. dissimilis var. setulosa (Rhipsalis) · R. elliptica (Rhipsalis) · R. elliptica var. helicoidea (Rhipsalis) · R. ewaldiana (Rhipsalis) · R. floccosa (Rhipsalis) · R. goebeliana (Rhipsalis) · R. grandiflora (Rhipsalis) · R. hoelleri (Rhipsalis) · R. houlletiana (Snowdrop Cactus) · R. juengeri (Rhipsalis) · R. lindbergiana (Rhipsalis) · R. mesembryanthemoides (Clumpy Mistletoe Cactus) · R. micrantha (Rhipsalis) · R. micrantha f. kirbergii (Rhipsalis) · R. neves-armondii (Rhipsalis) · R. neves-armondii f. megalantha (Rhipsalis) · R. oblonga (Rhipsalis) · R. occidentalis (Rhipsalis) · R. olivifera (Rhipsalis) · R. ormindoi (Rhipsalis) · R. pacheco-leonis (Rhipsalis) · R. pachyptera (Rhipsalis) · R. paradoxa (Chain Cactus) · R. paradoxa f. minima (Chain Cactus) · R. pentaptera (Rhipsalis) · R. pilocarpa (Rhipsalis) · R. pulchra (Rhipsalis) · R. puniceodiscus (Rhipsalis) · R. quellebambensis (Red Mistletoe Cactus) · R. russellii (Rhipsalis) · R. sulcata (Rhipsalis) · R. teres (Rhipsalis) · R. teres f. heteroclada (Rhipsalis) · R. teres f. prismatica (Rhipsalis) · R. trigona (Rhipsalis) · R. 'Easter Bouquet' (Rhipsalis)

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal November 28, 2007:



  1. Zhen-yu Li & Nigel P. Taylor "Cactaceae". in Flora of China Vol. 13 Page 209. Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press. Online at [back]
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