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Porphyra vietnamensis

(Limu Pahe`e)

Common Names

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Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in English:

Limu Pahe`e, Limu Pahe'e


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Genus Porphyra

(Gr. porphyra : purple) A genus (of red or purple alagae) of the phylum Rhodophyta.


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Porphyra vietnamensis T. Tanaka & Pham-Ho àng Ho


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Porphyra

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 38 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus:

P. amplissima (Beni-Tasa) · P. amplissima crassa (Beni-Tasa) · P. capensis (Porphyran) · P. crispata (Tsukushi-Amanori) · P. dentata (Iwa-Nori) · P. laciniata (Laver Slack) · P. laciniata livida (Laver Slack) · P. laciniata novae-zelandiae (Laver Slack) · P. laciniata umbilicata (Laver Slack) · P. lanceolata (Laverbread) · P. leucosticta (Limu Luan) · P. leucosticta atlantica (Limu Luan) · P. leucosticta elongata (Limu Luan) · P. leucosticta mediterranea (Limu Luan) · P. miniata (Red Nori) · P. nereocystis (Red Nori) · P. ochotensis (Ana-Amanori) · P. onoi (Ono-Nori) · P. perforata (California Laver) · P. pseudolinearis (Uruppui-Nori) · P. purpurea (Purple Laver) · P. purpurea umbilicata (Purple Laver) · P. suborbiculata (Tsu Choj) · P. tenera (Natsu-Nori) · P. tenera kjellmanii (Natsu-Nori) · P. tenera tamatsuensis (Natsu-Nori) · P. umbilicalis (Laver-Bread) · P. umbilicalis divisa (Laver-Bread) · P. umbilicalis novae-zelandiae (Laver-Bread) · P. umbilicalis pacifica (Laver-Bread) · P. umbilicalis pudica (Laver-Bread) · P. umbilicalis rosea (Laver-Bread) · P. umbilicalis simplex (Laver-Bread) · P. umbilicalis vulgaris (Laver-Bread) · P. variegata (Tomoe-Nori) · P. vietnamensis (Limu Pahe`e) · P. yezoensis (Open Sea Nori) · P. yezoensis coreana (Open Sea Nori)

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