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Petunia 'White Eclipse Vine'


Common Names

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Family Solanaceae

Herbs, shrubs , small trees , or climbers . Stems sometimes prickly, rarely thorny; hairs simple , branched, or stellate , sometimes glandular . Leaves alternate, solitary or paired , simple or pinnately compound , without stipules; leaf blade entire, dentate , lobed , or divided . Inflorescences terminal , overtopped by continuing axes, appearing axillary , extra-axillary , or leaf opposed, often apparently umbellate , racemose, paniculate , clustered, or solitary flowers, rarely true cymes, sometimes bracteate . Flowers mostly bisexual , usually regular, 5-merous, rarely 4- or 6-9-merous. Calyx mostly lobed. Petals united . Stamens as many as corolla lobes and alternate with them, inserted within corolla, all alike or 1 or more reduced; anthers dehiscing longitudinally or by apical pores . Ovary 2-5-locular; placentation mostly axile ; ovules usually numerous . Style 1. Fruiting calyx often becoming enlarged, mostly persistent . Fruit a berry or capsule. Seeds with copious endosperm; embryo mostly curved .

About 95 genera with 2300 species: best represented in western tropical America, widespread in temperate and tropical regions ; 20 genera (ten introduced ) and 101 species in China.

Some species of Solanaceae are known in China only by plants cultivated in ornamental or specialty gardens: Atropa belladonna Linnaeus, Cyphomandra betacea (Cavanilles) Sendtner, Brugmansia suaveolens (Willdenow) Berchtold & Presl, Nicotiana alata Link & Otto, and Solanum jasminoides Paxton.[1]

Genus Petunia

Herbs, usually glandular hairy . Stems erect or reclining , branched. Leaves petiolate , simple , entire. Flowers solitary, axillary , somewhat actinomorphic . Calyx tubular-campanulate, deeply 5-parted. Corolla funnelform or salverform , tube gradually inflated upwards; lobes short, rounded or short pointed . Stamens inserted in corolla tube, included ; filaments slender; anthers dehiscing longitudinally; disc glandular, entire or lobed . Ovary 2-locular; stigma indistinctly 2-lobed; ovules numerous . Fruit a dry, 2-valved capsule. Seeds minute, subglobose or ovoid , reticulate-pitted; embryo slightly curved or erect.

About three species: South America.[2]

Physical Description

Flowers: Large colorful blooms in May, June, July, August, September, until first freeze. Blooms repeatedly. Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. • Bloom Period: June, July, August, September, October, November. • Flower Color: near white, white


Size: 12-24" tall, about 12" wide.


Landscape Uses: Gardens with massed displays. Containers . Hanging baskets. • Care: Remove faded flowers regularly. After first flowering, cut plants back to encourage a second blooming. Pinch growing tips after the plant reaches 3-4" tall, to encourage bushy growth. Only one or two fertilizings per season , or plants will have much foliage , few flowers.


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Culture: Space 24-36" apart. After planting , mulch the entire bed to reduce water consumption and weed competition . Propagate by directly sowing seed after last frost. Collect seeds after drying on plant, and sow collected seeds as soon as possible.

Soil: Needs well-drained soil.

Sunlight: Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade.

Moisture: Water Requirements: Water regularly until established . After plants are established, water only when the top inch of soil in the root ball is dry to the touch. Overwatering will yellow and kill plants.

Temperature: Cold Hardiness: 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b. (map)


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Similar Species

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Members of the genus Petunia

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 186 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus. Here are just 100 of them:

P. acuminata (Acuminate Tobacco) · P. atkinsiana (Garden Petunia) · P. axillaris (Garden Petunia) · P. Cascadias Bicolor Pastel = 'Dancasbipas' (Petunia [cascadias Bicolor Pastel]) · P. Clara = 'Kerclara' (Petunia [clare]) · P. floribunda 'Celebrity Blue' (Petunia) · P. floribunda 'Celebrity Burgundy' (Petunia) · P. floribunda 'Celebrity Chiffon Morn' (Petunia) · P. floribunda 'Celebrity Ice Mix' (Petunia) · P. floribunda 'Celebrity Mid Blue' (Petunia) · P. floribunda 'Celebrity Mix' (Petunia) · P. floribunda 'Celebrity Raspberry Ice' (Petunia) · P. floribunda 'Celebrity Red' (Petunia) · P. floribunda 'Celebrity Red Morn' (Petunia) · P. floribunda 'Celebrity Salmon' (Petunia) · P. floribunda 'Celebrity Sky Blue' (Petunia) · P. floribunda 'Celebrity White' (Petunia) · P. floribunda 'Yellow Madness' (Yellow Madness Petunia) · P. grandiflora (Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Blue Daddy' (Blue Daddy Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Blue Spark Cascadia' (Trailing Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Blue Vein' (Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Daddy Mix' (Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Daddy Orchid' (Daddy Orchid Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Dolce Limoncello' (Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Double Cascade Blue' (Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Double Cascade Burgandy' (Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Double Cascade Orchid Mist' (Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Double Cascade Pink' (Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Double Cascade Soft Pink' (Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Dreams Red' (Dreams Red Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Glorious Mix' (Double Grandiflora Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Kahuna' (Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Strawberry' (Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Sugar' (Petunia) · P. grandiflora 'Sugar Daddy Improved' (Sugar Daddy Petunia) · P. integrifolia (Prostrate Petunia) · P. integrifolia 'Alba' (Prostrate Petunia) · P. integrifolia 'White Wish' (Prostrate Petunia) · P. Littletunia Breezy Pink = 'Dantun2' (Petunia [littletunia Breezy Pink]) · P. Littletunia Sweet Pink = 'Dantun3' (Petunia [littletunia Sweet Pink]) · P. multiflora (Old Fashioned Vining Petunia) · P. multiflora 'Dolce Flambe' (Petunia) · P. multiflora 'Dolce Fragolino' (Petunia) · P. pendula 'Balcony Mix' (Balcony Mix Garden Petunia) · P. Surfinia Double Blue Star = 'Sunsurfelevi' (Petunia [surfinia Double Blue Star]) · P. × atkinsiana Carpet Series (Petunia Carpet Series) · P. × atkinsiana Mirage Series (Petunia Mirage Series) · P. × atkinsiana 'Storm Lavender' (Petunia 'storm Lavender') · P. × atkinsiana 'Storm Pink' (Petunia 'storm Pink') · P. × atkinsiana 'Storm Salmon' (Petunia 'storm Salmon') · P. x hybrida (Garden Petunia) · P. x hybrida 'Appleblossom' (Appleblossom Petunia) · P. x hybrida 'Carpet White' (Carpet White Multiflora Petunia) · P. x hybrida 'Dreams Midnight' (Dreams Midnight Petunia) · P. x hybrida 'Dreams White' (Dreams White Petunia) · P. x hybrida 'Easy Wave Salmon' (Spreading Petunia) · P. 'Aladdin Blue' (Blue Petunia) · P. 'Aladdin Nautical Mix' (Petunia) · P. 'Aladdin Orange' (Petunia) · P. 'Alderman' (Petunia) · P. 'Appleblossom Dreams' (Petunia) · P. 'Avalanche Cherry' (Petunia) · P. 'Avalanche Grape' (Petunia) · P. 'Avalanche Lavender' (Petunia) · P. 'Avalanche Red' (Petunia) · P. 'Avalanche Salmon' (Petunia) · P. 'Avalanche White' (Petunia) · P. 'Blue Frost' (Petunia) · P. 'Burgundy Dreams' (Petunia) · P. 'California Giants' (Petunia) · P. 'Carpet Pink' (Multiflora Petunia) · P. 'Cascadia Vivid Red' (Trailing Petunia) · P. 'Choice Cascadia' (Trailing Petunia) · P. 'Corona Amethyst' (Petunia 'corona Amethyst') · P. 'Double Wave Blue Vein' (Petunia) · P. 'Double Wave Lavender' (Petunia) · P. 'Double Wave Pink' (Petunia) · P. 'Double Wave White' (Petunia) · P. 'Dreams Midnight' (Grandiflora Petunia) · P. 'Dreams Neon Rose' (Petunia) · P. 'Dreams Patriot Mix' (Grandiflora Petunia) · P. 'Dreams Red' (Grandiflora Petunia) · P. 'Dreams Salmon' (Petunia) · P. 'Dreams Wild Rose Mix' (Grandiflora Petunia) · P. 'Dwarf Bedding Mix' (Petunia) · P. 'Easy Wave Blue' (Blue Petunia) · P. 'Easy Wave Coral Reef' (Coral Reef Petunia) · P. 'Easy Wave Red' (Red Petunia) · P. 'Easy Wave Rosy Dawn' (Petunia) · P. 'Easy Wave White' (White Spreading Petunia) · P. 'Explorer Blue' (Grandiflora Petunia) · P. 'Fantasy Blue' (Petunia) · P. 'Fantasy Ivory' (Petunia) · P. 'Fantasy Mix' (Petunia) · P. 'Fantasy Red' (Petunia) · P. 'Fantasy Salmon' (Multiflora Petunia) · P. 'Fire Chief' (Petunia) · P. 'Flambe' (Dolce Flambe Petunia) · P. 'Frillytunia Burgundy' (Petunia)

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