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Parkia biglobosa

(African Locust Bean Tree)


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Common Names

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Common Names in Bambara:


Common Names in Chinese:

(Taiwan, As P Africana)), Qiu Hua Dou

Common Names in English:

African Locust Bean Tree, African Locust-Bean, Nitta Nut, Nutta Nut, West African Locust-Bean

Common Names in French:

Arbre à Farine, Mimosa Pourpre, Néré, Néré (Senegal)

Common Names in German:

Néré, Nittabaum

Common Names in Hausa:

Dadawa, Dawa Dawa

Common Names in Japanese:


Common Names in Portuguese:



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Subfamily Mimosoideae

Mostly trees or shrubs . Leaves mostly bipinnate. Corolla usually not showy, actinomorphic , sympetalous , the lobes valvate . Stamens 10-numerous, often monadelphous , showy. Pollen released in monads , tetrads , or polyads . Seeds with u-shaped line (pleurogram) present. [Carr]

Physical Description

Habit: TreeClimbing: Not Climbing


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Duration: Perennial


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Parkia africana R. Br. • Parkia clappertoniana Keay • Parkia filicoidea Oliver • Parkia intermedia Oliv. • Parkia oliveri J. F. Macbr.


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Climbing : Not climbing, Conservation Status: Not Threatened, Habit: Tree , Lifespan: Perennial

Last scrutiny: 1994

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Parkia

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 11 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus:

P. bicolor (Bicolor Parkia) · P. biglandulosa (Kiboko) · P. biglobosa (West African Locust-Bean) · P. filicoidea (African Locust Bean) · P. gigantocarpa (Faveira Atanan) · P. javanica (Kedaung) · P. korom (Korom) · P. nitida (Ajo) · P. pendula (Black Manariballi (Guyana)) · P. platycephala (Parkia) · P. speciosa (Parkia)

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