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Muhlenbergia bushii

(Bush's Muhly)


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Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Bush's Muhly, Nodding Muhly


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Family Poaceae

Annual or perennial herbs, or tall woody bamboos . Flowering stems (culms ) jointed , internodes hollow or solid; branches arising singly from nodes and subtended by a leaf sheath and 2-keeled prophyll, often fascicled in bamboos. Leaves arranged alternately in 2 ranks , differentiated into sheath, blade , and an adaxial erect appendage at sheath/blade junction (ligule) ; leaf sheath surrounding and supporting culm-internode, split to base or infrequently tubular with partially or completely fused margins , modified with reduced blade in bamboos (culm sheaths) ; leaf blades divergent, usually long, narrow and flat, but varying from inrolled and filiform to ovate , veins parallel, sometimes with cross-connecting veinlets (especially in bamboos) ; ligule membranous or a line of hairs . Inflorescence terminal or axillary , an open, contracted , or spikelike panicle, or composed of lax to spikelike racemes arranged along an elongate central axis, or digitate, paired , or occasionally solitary; axillary inflorescences often many, subtended by spatheoles (specialized bladeless leaf sheaths) and gathered into a leafy compound panicle; spikelets often aggregated into complex clusters in bamboos. Spikelets composed of distichous bracts arranged along a slender axis (rachilla) ; typically 2 lowest bracts (glumes ) empty, subtending 1 to many florets ; glumes often poorly differentiated from accompanying bracts in bamboos. Florets composed of 2 opposing bracts enclosing a single small flower, outer bract (lemma) clasping the more delicate, usually 2-keeled inner bract (palea) ; base of floret often with thickened prolongation articulated with rachilla (callus) ; lemma often with apical or dorsal bristle (awn ), glumes also sometimes awned . Flowers bisexual or unisexual ; lodicules (small scales representing perianth) 2, rarely 3 or absent, 3 to many in bamboos, hyaline or fleshy ; stamens 3 rarely 1, 2, 6, or more in some bamboos, hypogynous, filaments capillary , anthers versatile; ovary 1-celled, styles (1 or) 2(rarely 3), free or united at base, topped by feathery stigmas, exserted from sides or apex of floret. Fruit normally a dry indehiscent caryopsis with thin pericarp firmly adherent to seed, pericarp rarely free, fleshy in some bamboos; embryo small or large; hilum punctate to linear .

About 700 genera and 11,000 species: widely distributed in all regions of the world.[1]

Genus Muhlenbergia

Perennial , usually with creeping scaly rhizomes. Culms erect , ascending or decumbent at base . Leaf blades linear to narrowly lanceolate; ligule membranous, sometimes minutely ciliolate . Inflorescence an open or contracted panicle. Spikelets with 1 floret, lanceolate, slightly laterally compressed , rachilla disarticulating above glumes ; glumes shorter than or equal to lemma, subequal or the upper shorter, thin, usually 1-veined or the lower veinless, persistent ; callus small, obtuse ; lemma 3-veined, membranous, dark green mottled with dark gray, laxly pilose toward base on abaxial surface, awned from acute apex or from between two minute teeth; awn straight or flexuose; palea equal to the lemma, membranous. Caryopsis usually fusiform , rarely ellipsoid . x = 10.

About 155 species: mainly SW North America and Mexico, also Central and South America and SE Asia; six species in China.

Many species of this genus are good fodder plants .[2]

Physical Description

Habit: Graminoid


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Duration: Perennial


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Carpopogon atropurpureum Roxb. • Dolichos pruriens L. • Mucuna axillaris Baker • Mucuna bernieriana Baill. • Mucuna cochinchinensis (Lour.)a. Chev. • Mucuna esquirolii H. Lev. • Mucuna minima Haines • Mucuna nivea< /i> (Roxb.)dc.Mucuna prurita (L.)hook. • Stizolobium atropurpureum (Roxb.)kuntze • Stizolobium pruritum (Wight)piper


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: 15-Mar-2000

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Muhlenbergia

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 89 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus:

M. andina (Foxtail Muhly) · M. appressa (Devil's Canyon Muhly) · M. arenacea (Ear Muhly) · M. arenicola (Sand Muhly) · M. arizonica (Arizona Muhly) · M. arsenei (Navajo Muhly) · M. asperifolia (Alkali Muhly) · M. brevis (Short Muhly) · M. bushii (Bush's Muhly) · M. californica (California Muhly) · M. capillaris (Cutover Muhly) · M. capillaris var. capillaris (Hairawn Muhly) · M. capillaris var. filipes (Gulf Hairawn Muhle) · M. capillaris var. filipes'Kiawah' (Gulf Hairawn Muhly) · M. capillaris var. trichopodes (Cutover Muhly) · M. capillaris 'Regal Mist' (Florida Muhly Grass) · M. crispiseta (Mexicali Muhly) · M. curtifolia (Low Muhly) · M. curtisetosa (Illinois Nimblewill) · M. cuspidata (Plains Muhlenbergia) · M. depauperata (Six-Weeks Muhly) · M. dubia (Cane Muhly) · M. dumosa (Bamboo Muhly) · M. elongata (Sycamore Muhly) · M. eludens (Gravel-Bar Muhly) · M. emersleyi (Bull Grass) · M. filiculmis (Slim-Stem Muhly) · M. filiformis (Pull-Up Muhly) · M. filiformis var. filiformis (Pullup Muhly) · M. fragilis (Annual Muhly) · M. frondosa (Wire-Stem Muhly) · M. glabriflora (Inland Muhly) · M. glabrifloris (Hair Grass) · M. glauca (Desert Muhly) · M. glomerata (Bristly Muhly) · M. gooddingii (Goodding's Muhly) · M. involuta (Canyon Muhly) · M. jonesii (Modoc Muhly) · M. lindheimeri (Big Muhly Grass) · M. longiligula (Long-Tongue Muhly) · M. macroura (Muhly) · M. metcalfi (Metcalfe's Muhly) · M. mexicana (Leafy Muhly) · M. mexicana filiformis (Slim Stemmed Mexican Muhly) · M. mexicana f. ambigua (Wirestem Muhly) · M. mexicana mexicana (Wire Stemmed Muhly) · M. mexicana var. mexicana (Mexican Muhly) · M. microsperma (Little-Seed Muhly) · M. minutissima (Annual Muhly) · M. montana (Mountain Muhly) · M. palmeri (Southwestern Muhly) · M. parviglumis (Long-Awn Muhly) · M. pauciflora (Few-Flowered Muhly) · M. pectinata (Comb Muhly) · M. peruviana (Peruvian Muhly) · M. polycaulis (Cliff Muhly) · M. porteri (Bush Muhly) · M. pungens (Sandhill Muhly) · M. racemosa (Green Muhly) · M. ramulosa (Green Muhly) · M. repens (Creeping Muhly) · M. reverchonii (Seep Muhly) · M. richardsonis (Mat Muhly) · M. rigens (Deer Grass) · M. rigida (Metcalf Muhly) · M. rigida 'Nashville' (Purple Muhly) · M. schreberi (Nimblewill) · M. setifolia (Curly-Leaf Muhly) · M. sinuosa (Marshland Muhly) · M. sobolifera (Cliff Muhly) · M. spiciformis (Longawn Muhly) · M. sylvatica (Forest Muhly) · M. sylvatica var. sylvatica (Woodland Muhly) · M. tenuiflora (Slender Muhly) · M. tenuiflora var. tenuiflora (Slender Muhly) · M. tenuifolia (Mesa Muhly) · M. texana (Texas Muhly) · M. thurberi (Thurber Muhly) · M. torreyana (New Jersey Muhly) · M. torreyi (Ring Muhly) · M. trichopodes (Cutover Muhly) · M. uniflora (Bog Muhly) · M. utilis (Aparejo Grass) · M. villiflora (Hairy Muhly) · M. villiflora var. villosa (Hairy Muhly) · M. virescens (Screwleaf Muhly) · M. wrightii (Spike Muhly) · M. x curtisetosa (Hybrid) · M. x involuta (Involuta Muhly)

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal February 28, 2008:



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