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Lespedeza hirta

(Hairy Bush-Clover)


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Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Hairy Bush-Clover, hairy bush clover, Hairy Bushclover, Hairy Lespedeza


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Genus Lespedeza

Shrubs or undershrubs, branches pubescent . Leaf pinnately trifoliolate or unifoliolate , leaflets entire, stipules free . Inflorescence raceme , panicle or flowers fasciculate. Bract small, 2 bracteoles at the tip of the pedicel. Calyx teeth subequal or 2 upper teeth connate. Keel straight, obtuse or truncate . Stamens diadelphous , 9+1, anthers uniform . Ovary unifoliolate. Fruit ovate or orbicular , compressed , indehiscent.

A genus with about 40 species, distributed in Temperate North America, East and Tropical Asia and Tropical Australia.[1]

Physical Description

Habit: Forb/herbGrowth Form: Multiple StemShape and Orientation: Erect

Flowers: Bloom Period: Late Summer • Flower Color: White • Flower Conspicuous: Yes

Seeds: Seed per Pound: 175000 • Seed Spread Rate: Moderate • Seedling Vigor: Medium • Fruit/Seed Abundance: High • Fruit/Seed Color: Black • Fruit/Seed Conspicuous: Yes • Cold Stratification Required: Yes

Foliage: Foliage Color: Dark Green • Foliage Porosity Summer: Dense • Foliage Porosity Winter: Dense • Foliage Texture: Medium • Fall Conspicuous: Yes • Leaf Retention: No


Active Growth Period: Summer • Growth Rate: Moderate • After Harvest Regrowth Rate: Moderate • Mature Height (feet): 6.0 • Size: 12-18" tall. • Vegetative Spread Rate: None • Lifespan: Lifespan


Typically found at an altitude of 0 to 678 meters (0 to 2,224 feet).[2]


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Duration: PerennialCoppice Potential: No • Progagated by Bulbs: No • Propagated by Bare Root: No • Propagated by Container: No • Propagated by Corms: No • Propagated by Cuttings: No • Propagated by Seed: Yes • Propagated by Sod: No • Propagated by Sprigs: No • Propagated by Tubers: No • Fruit/Seed Period Begin: FallFruit/Seed Period End: Winter • Fruit/Seed Persistence: No


Soil: Adapted to Medium Textured: Adapted to Medium Textured Soils • Adapted to Coarse Textured Soils: Yes • Anaerobic Tolerance: None • Salinity Tolerance: None • CaCO3 Tolerance: Medium • Minimum pH: 5.8 • Maximum pH: 6.9 • Fertility Requirement: Low

Sunlight: Sun Exposure: Full sun . • Shade Tolerance: Intolerant

Moisture: Drought Tolerance: Medium • Minimum Precipitation: 30 • Maximum Precipitation: 60 • Moisture Use: Low

Temperature: Minimum Temperature (F): -13 • Minimum Frost Free Days: 200


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Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Climbing : Not climbing, Habit: Herb, Lifespan: Perennial

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Lespedeza

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 49 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus:

L. acuticarpa (Lespedeza) · L. angustifolia (Narrowleaf Lespedeza) · L. bicolor (Bicolor Lespedeza) · L. bicolor var. bicolor (Bicolor Lespedeza) · L. bicolor 'Summer Beauty' (Shrub Bush Clover) · L. bicolor 'Yakushima' (Shrub Bush Clover) · L. brittonii (Britton's Lespedeza) · L. capitata (Round Headed Bush Clover) · L. cuneata (Perennial Lespedeza) · L. cuneata var. cuneata (Perennial Lespedeza) · L. cyrtobotrya (Bushy Bushclover) · L. hirta (Hairy Bush-Clover) · L. hirta curtissii (Curtiss' Lespedeza) · L. hirta hirta (Hairy Lespedeza) · L. intermedia (Shrubby Bush Clover) · L. japonica (Bush Clover) · L. juncea (Chinese Bush Lespedeza) · L. juncea var. juncea (Amb.) Ali) · L. juncea var. sericea (Chinese Bush-Clover) · L. leptostachya (Prairie Bush-Clover) · L. liukiuensis (Little Volcano Bush Clover) · L. longifolia (Longleaf Lespedeza) · L. manniana (Lespedeza) · L. nuttallii (Nuttall's Lespedeza) · L. oblongifolia (Oblong Lespedeza) · L. potaninii (Lespedeza) · L. procumbens (Trailing Bush-Clover) · L. repens (Creeping Bush-Clover) · L. stipulacea (Korean Lespedeza) · L. stuevei (Lespedeza) · L. texana (Texas Bush-Clover) · L. thunbergii (Pink Bush Clover) · L. thunbergii var. thunbergii (Thunberg´s Lespedeza) · L. thunbergii var. velutina (Thunberg´s Lespedeza) · L. thunbergii 'Alba' (Bush Clover) · L. thunbergii 'Avalanche' (Bush Clover) · L. thunbergii 'Gibraltar' (Pink Bush Clover) · L. thunbergii 'Pink Fountain' (Pink Bush Clover) · L. thunbergii 'Spring Grove' (Pink Bush Clover) · L. thunbergii 'White Fountain' (White Bush Clover) · L. violacea (Violet Lespedeza) · L. virgata (Wand Lespedeza) · L. virginica (Slender Bush Clover) · L. x acuticarpa (Lespedeza) · L. x brittonii (Britton's Lespedeza) · L. x longifolia (Longleaf Lespedeza) · L. x neglecta (Lespedeza) · L. x nuttallii (Nuttall's Bushclover (A Hybrid)) · L. x simulata (Lespedeza)

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  1. "Lespedeza". in Flora of Pakistan Page 357. Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press. Online at [back]
  2. Mean = 277.840 meters (911.549 feet), Standard Deviation = 147.100 based on 68 observations. Altitude information for each observation from British Oceanographic Data Centre. [back]
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