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Lansium domesticum



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Interesting Facts

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Common Names

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Common Names in Burmese:

Duku, Langsat

Common Names in Chinese:

Da Guo Lan Sa, Lan Sa, Lan Sa Guo (Taiwan)

Common Names in Danish:

Langsat, Langsep, Sød Duku

Common Names in Dutch:

Doekoe, Kokosan, Langsep

Common Names in English:

Langsat, Duku, Lansa, Lanzon, Large-Fruited Duku, Longkong, Sweet Duku, Very Sweet Duku

Common Names in French:

Duku Doux à Large Fruit, Duku Doux à Petit Fruit, Langsep, Lansium

Common Names in German:

Dukubaum, Echter Lansabaum, Langsat, Lansabaum, Lansibaum, Süßer Duku

Common Names in Italian:

Duku Dolce, Lansio, Lanzone

Common Names in Japanese:

Duku, Ransa

Common Names in Korean:

Lang Sat, Long Kong (Long Gong)

Common Names in Malay:

Bidjitan (West Java), Ceroring (Bali), Dokong, Dookkoo (Java, Duki, Duku, Kokosan, Langsat, Pidjitan (West Java), Pisitan, Sumatra)

Common Names in Portuguese:

Arbol-Do-Duku, Arbol-Do-Lanza, Duku-Doce

Common Names in Spanish:

árbol De Lanza, Arbol De Duku, Arbol De Lanza, Duku Dulce, Lansones (Philippines), Lanzón

Common Names in Spanish (Philippines):


Common Names in Tagalog:

Buahan, Duku, Lansones

Common Names in Thai:

Duku, Langsat, Langsat Waan, Long Gong, Longkong

Common Names in Vietnamese:

Bòn Bon


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Physical Description

Flowers: Bloom Period: January, February, March. • Flower Color: near white, pale yellow, white


Size: 30-40' tall.


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Culture: Space 20-30' apart.

Soil: Minimum pH: 6.1 • Maximum pH: 7.5

Sunlight: Sun Exposure: Full Sun .

Temperature: Cold Hardiness: 11. (map)


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Publishing author : Corr?a Publication : Ann. Mus. Hist. Nat., Paris x . 157 (1807)

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Lansium

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 2 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus:

L. domesticum (Langsat) · L. dubium (False Langsat)

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