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Juniperus stricta


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Family Cupressaceae

Trees or shrubs evergreen , monoecious or dioecious. Leaves decussate or in whorls of 3, scalelike and then often dimorphic with flattened facial leaves and keeled lateral leaves, or needlelike particularly in juvenile plants , often with an abaxial resin gland . Pollen cones terminal or axillary , solitary, maturing and shed annually; microsporophylls 6-16, decussate or whorled , each bearing (2 or) 3-6(-9) pollen sacs ; pollen wingless. Seed cones usually terminal, solitary, globose , ovoid , or oblong , dehiscent or indehiscent when mature in 1st or 2nd(or 3rd) year; cone scales developing after ovules originate in bract axils; bracts almost completely enveloped by cone scales, free only at apex; ovules 1-numerous per bract axil, erect ; cone scales of mature cones 3-16, flat or peltate, woody, leathery, or succulent, 1-20-seeded. Seeds winged or not; wings derived from seed coat . Cotyledons usually 2, rarely 3-6. Germination epigeal.

Nineteen genera and ca. 125 species: worldwide; eight genera (one introduced ) and 46 species (16 endemic, 13 introduced) in China.[1]

Genus Juniperus

Shrubs or trees evergreen . Branchlets terete , 3--6 angled , variously oriented, but not in flattened sprays . Leaves opposite in 4 ranks or in whorls of 3. Adult leaves closely appressed to divergent, scalelike to subulate , free portion to ca. 10 mm (to ca. 15 mm in Juniperus communis ) ; abaxial gland visible or not, elongate to hemispheric ( J. ashei ), sometimes exuding white crystalline deposit. Pollen cones with 3--7 pairs or trios of sporophylls, each sporophyll with 2--8 pollen sacs . Seed cones maturing in 1 or 2 years, globose to ovoid and berrylike, 3--20 mm, remaining closed , usually glaucous; scales persistent , 1--3 pairs, peltate, tightly coalesced , thick and fleshy or fibrous to obscurely woody. Seeds 1--3 per scale, round to faceted , wingless; cotyledons 2--6. x = 11.

Species ca. 60: primarily Northern Hemisphere, 1 in e Africa.

Juniperus is the only dioecious (sometimes monoecious) genus of Cupressaceae in the flora . Cones, generally terminal , are axillary in J. communis.

Numerous cultivars of Juniperus species are widely used for landscaping. Mutants , or "sports," affecting plant habit and foliage are present in all species and are likely related to single-gene mutations . Many have been given formal names or incorrectly ascribed to hybridization. Gymnocarpy (bare seeds protruding from the cone), caused by insect larvae (T. A. Zanoni 1978), is occasionally found in most junipers, particularly in the southwestern United States. Specimens with such aberrations may be almost impossible to identify without chemical data.[2]


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Similar Species

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Members of the genus Juniperus

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 211 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus. Here are just 100 of them:

J. angosturana (Slender One Seed Juniper) · J. arizonica (Arizona Juniper) · J. ashei (Ashe Juniper) · J. barbadensis (West Indian Red Cedar) · J. bermudiana (Bermuda Cedar) · J. blancoi (Blanco Juniper) · J. brevifolia (Azores Juniper) · J. californica (California Juniper) · J. cedrus (Canary Island Juniper) · J. chinensis (Blue Pfitzer Juniper) · J. chinensis holbert (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis L. var. procumbens Siebold ex Endl. 'Sargentii' (Sargent Juniper) · J. chinensis L. var. sargentii A.Henry (Sargent Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis L. var. sargentii A.Henry 'Viridis' (Green Sargent`s Juniper) · J. chinensis L. 'Ames' (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis L. 'Maney' (Maney Juniper) · J. chinensis L. 'Mint Julep' (Mint Julep Juniper) · J. chinensis L. 'Old Gold' (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis L. 'Robusta Green' (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis nicks (Nicks Compact Juniper) · J. chinensis sargentii 'Glauca' (Blue Sargent`s Juniper) · J. chinensis sea (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis var. armstrongii (Armstrong Juniper) · J. chinensis var. hetzii (Hetz Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis var. keteleeri (Keteleer Juniper) · J. chinensis var. Pfitzerana Aurea (Pfitz Gold Tip Juniper) · J. chinensis var. pfitzeriana (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis var. Pfitz Glauca (Pfitz Blue Juniper) · J. chinensis var. Shimpaku (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis var. torulosa (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Aurea' (Gold Coast Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Bakaurea' (Gold Star® Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Blue Alps' (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Blue Point' (Blue Point Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Compressa' (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Daub' (Daub's Frosted Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Femina' (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Golden Blaauw' (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Gold Coast' (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Hetzii Columnaris' (Green Columnar Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Hetzii Glauca' (Hetz Blue Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Hook's #6' (Hook's #6 Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Kaizuka' (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Kaizuka Variegata' (Variegated Hollywood Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Mac's Golden' (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Mission' (Mission Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Monlep' (Mint Julep® Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Mountbatten' (Mountbatten Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Parsonsii' (Chinese Juniper) · J. Chinensis 'Pyrmidalis' (Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Saybrook Gold' (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Sea Green' (Sea Green Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Spartan' (Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Spearmint' (Spearmint Chinese Juniper) · J. chinensis 'Variegated Parsonii' (Chinese Juniper) · J. coahuilensis (Coahuila Juniper) · J. comitana (Comitan Juniper) · J. communis (Carpet Juniper Juniperus Communis) · J. communis compressa var. Compressa (Common Juniper) · J. communis depressa var. depressa (Canadian Juniper) · J. communis L. var. communis L. (Common Juniper) · J. communis L. var. megistocarpa Fern. & St. John (Common Juniper) · J. communis L. var. montana Aiton (Common Juniper) · J. communis oblonga (Common Juniper) · J. communis var. depressa (Common Juniper) · J. communis var. montana (Common Juniper) · J. communis 'Aureopicta' (Common Juniper) · J. communis 'Banff' (Common Juniper) · J. communis 'Berkshire' (Common Juniper) · J. communis 'Compacta Aurea' (Common Juniper) · J. communis 'Depressa Aurea' (Common Juniper) · J. communis 'Golden Schnapps' (Common Juniper) · J. communis 'Gold Cone' (Common Juniper) · J. communis 'Gold Totem Pole' (Common Juniper) · J. communis 'Green Carpet' (Carpet Juniper) · J. communis 'Hibernica' (Irish Juniper) · J. communis 'Mondap' (Alpine Carpet® Juniper) · J. communis 'Oblonga Pendula' (Carpet Juniper) · J. communis 'Suecia Nana' (Common Juniper) · J. conferta (Shore Juniper) · J. conferta 'Blue Pacific' (Blue Pacific Shore Juniper) · J. conferta 'Blue Tosho' (Shore Juniper) · J. conferta 'Emerald Sea' (Emerald Sea Shore Juniper) · J. conferta 'Irozam' (Iron Age Juniper) · J. conferta 'Silver Mist' (Silver Mist Juniper) · J. davurica 'Expansa Variegata' (Variegated Dahurian Juniper) · J. deppeana (Alligator Juniper) · J. deppeana var. sperryi (Alligator Juniper) · J. drupacea (Syrian Juniper) · J. durangensis (Durango Juniper) · J. excelsa (Indian Juniper) · J. excelsa polycarpos (Turkestan Juniper) · J. flaccida (Drooping Juniper) · J. foetidissima (Stinking Juniper) · J. formosana (Formosan Juniper) · J. gamboana (Gamboa Juniper) · J. horizontalis (Creeping Cedar) · J. horizontalis 'Andorra Compacta' (Creeping Cedar) · J. horizontalis 'Bar Harbor' (Bar Harbor Juniper) · J. horizontalis 'Blue Chip' (Blue Chip Juniper)

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