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Hedychium coronarium



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Interesting Facts

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Common Names

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Common Names in Afrikaans:


Common Names in English:

'awapuhi-Ke'oke'o, Butterfly Ginger, Butterfly Ginger Lily, Butterfly Lily, Butterfly-Ginger, Butterfly-Lily, Cinnamon-Jasmine, Garland Flower, Garland Lily, Garland-Flower, Ginger Lily, Ginger-Lily, Gingerlily, Whi, White Garland-Lily, White Ginger, White Ginger-Lily, White-Ginger

Common Names in Hawaiian:



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Family Zingiberaceae

Herbs perennial , terrestrial , rarely epiphytic, aromatic , with fleshy , tuberous or non-tuberous rhizomes, often with tuber-bearing roots . Stems usually short, replaced by pseudostems formed by leaf sheaths . Leaves distichous, simple , those toward base of plant usually bladeless and reduced to sheaths; leaf sheath open; ligule usually present; petiole present or not, located between leaf blade and sheath, cushionlike in Zingiber; leaf blade suborbicular or lanceolate to narrowly strap-shaped , rolled longitudinally in bud, glabrous or hairy , midvein prominent , lateral veins usually numerous , pinnate, parallel, margin entire. Inflorescence terminal on pseudostems or on separate, short, sheath-covered shoots arising from rhizomes, cylindric or fusiform , sometimes globose , lax to dense, few to many flowered, sometimes with bracteolate cincinni in bract axils and then a thyrse , sometimes a raceme or spike; bracts and bracteoles present, often conspicuous , colored . Flowers bisexual , epigynous , zygomorphic. Calyx usually tubular , thin, split on 1 side, sometimes spathelike, apex 3-toothed or -lobed. Corolla proximally tubular, distally 3-lobed; lobes varying in size and shape . Stamens or staminodes 6, in 2 whorls. Lateral 2 staminodes of outer whorl petaloid, or forming small teeth at base of labellum, or adnate to labellum, or absent. Median staminode of outer whorl always reduced. Labellum formed from lateral 2 staminodes of inner whorl. Fertile stamen median, of inner whorl; filament long or short; anther locules 2, introrse , dehiscing by slits or occasionally pores ; connective often extended basally into spurs and/or apically into a crest . Ovary inferior, 3-loculed initially, 1- or 3-loculed when mature ; ovules ± numerous per locule; placentation parietal , basal, or axile . Developed style 1, very thin, placed in a furrow in filament and between anther locules; stigma appearing above anther, funnelform , papillose , ± wet, margin often ciliate . Stylodes 2, reduced to nectaries at apex of ovary. Fruit a capsule, fleshy or dry, dehiscent or indehiscent, sometimes berrylike. Seeds few to many, arillate ; aril often lobed or lacerate .

About 50 genera and 1300 species: pantropical with center of diversity in S and SE Asia, some species in America and subtropical and warm-temperate Asia; 20 genera (one endemic) and 216 species (141 endemic, four introduced ) in China.[1]

Genus Hedychium

Pseudostems well -developed, 1--3 m. Inflorescences projecting from tip of pseudostem, dense, conelike [lax ]; bracts of main axis crowded [not crowded], [2.5--]4--6[--7] cm, ovate to lanceolate [or almost circular]; cincinni sessile, [1--]2--3[--6]-flowered, enclosed in bracts; bracteoles small, inconspicuous, hidden by bracts. Flowers: calyx cylindric , 3-toothed or -lobed, split down one side [not split]; corolla tube slender, lobes linear ; filament linear, tubular-incurved, enclosing style; anther long-exserted, not spurred , terminal appendage none; lateral staminodes large, petal-like, lip oblong , plane , 2-lobed. Fruits capsule, globose . x = 17.

Species ca. 50: introduced ; North America, Mexico, West Indies, Central America, South America, Australia; native , Asia and Madagascar.[2]

Physical Description

Species Hedychium coronarium

Leaf blades oblanceolate or narrowly elliptic , 28--48 ´ 4--7 cm. Inflorescences erect , 15--19 ´ 12--17 cm; bracts of main axis green; proximal bracts ovate , concave , 4--5.5 ´ 2--4.5 cm, apex obtuse or apiculate ; distal bracts lance-oblong or ovate, 4--6 ´ 1--2.5 cm, apex rounded or apiculate. Flowers: perianth and staminodes white. [source]

Naturalized populations have been reported several times from southern Louisiana, but the specimens I have seen are sterile and cannot be identified with certainty. There is also an old report from near Brunswick, Georgia (J. K . Small 1933, unpublished ms .), but I have seen no specimens from the state. [source]

Habit: Forb/herb

Flowers: Bloom Period: May, June, July, August, September, October. • Flower Color: near white, white


Size: 4-6' tall.


Swamps , shores of lakes and streams ; 0--50 m. Introduced [3].

Typically found at an altitude of 0 to 3,028 meters (0 to 9,934 feet).[4]


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Duration: Perennial


Culture: Space 18-24" apart.

Soil: Minimum pH: 6.1 • Maximum pH: 7.5

Sunlight: Sun Exposure: Light Shade.

Temperature: Cold Hardiness: 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b, 11. (map)


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Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: 21-Jun-2005

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Hedychium

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal December 18, 2007:



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