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Gustavia longifolia


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Family Lecythidaceae

Trees or shrubs , evergreen . Leaves alternate, usually crowded toward apices of branchlets , shortly petiolate ; stipules usually absent; leaf blade simple . Flowers showy, borne in short, bracteate racemes or spikes, actinomorphic or zygomorphic, bisexual . Calyx with a campanulate tube adnate to ovary; lobes 4-6, thick. Petals 4-6, free , rarely absent. Stamens many, united at base into several whorls, often several sterile , either monadelphous and equally arranged around disk, or diadelphous in 2 unequal bundles, outermost staminodial; anthers basifixed , 2-celled, opening by longitudinal slits. Disk sometimes lobed . Ovary inferior or semi-inferior, 2-6-loculed; ovules 1 to many per locule; placentation axile ; style terminal , simple; stigma capitate. Fruit an indehiscent berry or operculate capsule, often crowned by persistent calyx lobes. Seed[s] 1 [to many]; endosperm absent.

About 20 genera and 450 species: tropical regions of Africa, Asia, Australia, some Pacific islands, and South America; one genus and three species (one endemic) in China.[1]


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Gustavia duckei R. Knuth • Gustavia dumitiana García-Barr. • Gustavia iquitosensis R. Knuth • Gustavia magna Cuatrec. • Gustavia mangua J. F. Macbr. • Gustavia spruceana O. Berg Ex R. Knuth • Gustavia tessmannii R. Knuth • Japarandiba longifolia (Poepp. ex O.Berg) Kuntze • Japarandiba longifolia Kuntze • Japarandiba spruceana Ule


Publishing author : Poepp.

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Members of the genus Gustavia

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G. augusta (Gustavia) · G. fosteri (Membrillo) · G. gracillima (Heaven Lotus) · G. superba (Membrillo)

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  1. Haining Qin & Sir Ghillean (Iain) T. Prance "Lecythidaceae". in Flora of China Vol. 13 Page 293. Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press. Online at [back]
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