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Flemingia macrophylla


Common Names

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Crotalaria macrophylla Willd. • Flemingia angustifolia Roxb. • Flemingia bhottea Buch. -Ham. • Flemingia capitata Buch. -Ham. • Flemingia congesta var. latifolia Baker • Flemingia congesta var. nana (Roxb.)baker • Flemingia congesta var. semialata Baker • Flemingia congesta var. viridis (Kurz)prain • Flemingia congesta W. T. Aiton • Flemingia cumingiana Benth. • Flemingia ferruginea Graham • Flemingia lamontii Hance • Flemingia latifolia Benth. • Flemingia macrophylla var. viridis (Prain)h. B. Naithani • Flemingia nana Roxb. • Flemingia philippinensis Merr. & Rolfe • Flemingia semialata var. viridis Kurz • Flemingia semialata W. T. Aiton • Flemingia teysmanniana Miq. • Flemingia trinerva Desf. • Flemingia wallichii Wight & Arn. • Flemingia wightiana Graham • Flemingia yunnanensis Franch. • Moghania cumingiana (Benth.)kuntze • Moghania latifolia (Benth.)mukerjee • Moghania macrophylla (Willd.)kuntze • Moghania philippinensis (Merr. & Rolfe)h. L. Li • Moghania semialata (W. T. Aiton)mukerjee • Moghania semialata var. viridis (Kurz)mukerjee • Moghania sericans (Kurz)mukerjee • Moghania teysmanniana (Miq.)h. L. Li • Moghania wallichii (Wight & Arn.)kuntze • Rhynchosia crotalarioides Dc.


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Climbing : Not climbing, Conservation Status: Not Threatened, Habit: Herb, Habit: Shrub , Lifespan: Perennial , Lifespan: Annual

Last scrutiny: Mar-2001

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Flemingia

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F. strobilifera (Camarones)

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