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Eragrostis trichophora

(Hairyflower Lovegrass)

Common Names

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Common Names in Afrikaans:


Common Names in English:

Hairyflower Lovegrass, Atherstone Love Grass


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Genus Eragrostis

Annual or perennial , often glandular particularly on the leaf sheaths and inflorescence. Leaf blades mostly flat, sometimes rolled, rarely pungent ; ligule a line of hairs or sometimes membranous. Inflorescence an open, contracted , spiciform or glomerate panicle, very rarely of racemes on a central axis. Spikelets 2- to many-flowered, laterally compressed , orbicular to vermiform , variously disarticulating . Glumes unequal, deciduous or persistent , 1(-3) -veined. Lemmas membranous to coriaceous , keeled or rounded , glabrous to asperulous or rarely hairy , 3-veined or the veins sometimes very faint and occasionally suppressed , apex entire, obtuse to acuminate, rarely mucronate . Palea keels sometimes winged or ciliate . Stamens 2 or 3. Fruit mostly globose , ellipsoid , or rectangular-prismatic, usually a caryopsis but sometimes the pericarp free .

About 350 species: tropics and subtropics throughout the world; 32 species (11 endemic, one introduced ) in China.[1]

Physical Description

Habit: Graminoid


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Duration: Perennial


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Eragrostis atherstonii Stapf.


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: 15-Mar-2000

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Eragrostis

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 87 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus:

E. airoides (Darnel Love Grass) · E. atropioides (Hard-Stem Lovegrass) · E. atrovirens (Thalia Lovegrass) · E. bahiensis (Bahia Lovegrass) · E. barrelieri (Mediterranean Lovegrass) · E. capillaris (Lace Grass) · E. chloromelas (Narrow Curly Leaf) · E. cilianensis (Candy Grass) · E. ciliaris (Gophertail Love-Grass) · E. ciliaris brachystachya (Gophertail Lovegrass) · E. ciliaris var. brachystachya (Gophertail Lovegrass) · E. ciliaris var. ciliaris (Gophertail Lovegrass) · E. ciliaris var. laxa (Gophertail Lovegrass) · E. cumingii (Browne's Lovegrass) · E. curtipedicellata (Gummy Lovegrass) · E. curvula (Weeping Love Grass) · E. cylindriflora (Cylinderflower Lovegrass) · E. deflexa (Pacific Lovegrass) · E. echinochloidea (African Lovegrass) · E. elliottii (Blue Eros) · E. elliottii 'Wind Dancer' (Wind Dancer Field Lovegrass) · E. elongata (Long Lovegrass) · E. erosa (Chihuahua Lovegrass) · E. fosbergii (Fosberg's Love Grass) · E. frankii (Frank's Love-Grass) · E. gangetica (Slim Flower Love Grass) · E. glutinosa (Sticky Lovegrass) · E. grandis (Large Hawai'i Lovegrass) · E. hirsuta (Big-Top Lovegrass) · E. hispida (Broad-Leaved Zimbabwe Lovegrass) · E. hypnoides (Creeping Eragrostis) · E. intermedia (Plains Lovegrass) · E. japonica (Pond Lovegrass) · E. laxa (Gophertail Lovegrass) · E. lehmanniana (Lehmann Lovegrass) · E. leptophylla (Mountain Love Grass) · E. leptostachya (Australian Lovegrass) · E. lugens (Mourning Lovegrass) · E. lutescens (Six-Weeks Lovegrass) · E. mauiensis (Maui Love Grass) · E. mexicana (Mexican Lovegrass) · E. mexicana mexicana (New Mexico Lovegrass) · E. mexicana virescens (Mexican Lovegrass) · E. minor (Little Love Grass) · E. monticola (Kalamalo) · E. obtusiflora (Alkali Lovegrass) · E. palmeri (Rio Grande Love-Grass) · E. paradoxa (Fine-Leaved Zimbabwe Lovegrass) · E. parviflora (Smallflower Lovegrass) · E. paupera (Oahu Lovegrass) · E. paupera macradenia var. macradenia (Oahu Lovegrass) · E. pectinacea (Purple Love Grass) · E. pectinacea var. miserrima (Desert Lovegrass) · E. pectinacea var. pectinacea (Purple Love Grass) · E. pectinacea var. tracyi (Sanibel Island Lovegrass) · E. pilosa (India Love-Grass) · E. pilosa var. pilosa (India Lovegrass) · E. plana (South African Lovegrass) · E. polytricha (Hairysheath Lovegrass) · E. prolifera (Dominican Lovegrass) · E. refracta (Coastal Lovegrass) · E. rigidior (Curlyleaf) · E. scaligera (Tender Lovegrass) · E. secundiflora (Red Lovegrass) · E. sessilispica (Tumble Lovegrass) · E. setifolia (Bristleleaf Lovegrass) · E. silveana (Silveus Lovegrass) · E. spectabilis (Petticoat-Climber) · E. spicata (Spike Lovegrass) · E. suaveolens (Candy Lovegrass) · E. superba (Wilman Lovegrass) · E. swallenii (Swallen's Lovegrass) · E. tef (Annual Bunch Grass) · E. tenella (Japanese Lovegrass) · E. tenuifolia (Elastic Grass) · E. trichocolea (Hairy-Sheath Lovegrass) · E. trichocolea var. floridana (Hairysheath Lovegrass) · E. trichocolea var. trichocolea (Hairysheath Lovegrass) · E. trichodes (Sand Lovegrass) · E. trichodes var. trichodes (Sand Lovegrass) · E. trichoides (Sand Love Grass) · E. trichophora (Hairyflower Lovegrass) · E. unioloides (Chinese Love Grass) · E. urbaniana (Urban's Lovegrass) · E. variabilis (Kawelu) · E. viscosa (Sticky Love Grass) · E. von (Lovegrass)

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal February 28, 2008:



  1. Shou-liang Chen & Paul M. Peterson "Eragrostis". in Flora of China Vol. 22 Page 458, 471, 479, 480. Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press. Online at [back]
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