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Dirachma socotrana


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Biome: Terrestrial [1].

Ecology: A small tree or shrub which is restricted to a few valleys in the Eastern Haggier Mountains and adjacent limestone hills . Locally common in dense semi-deciduous woodland. Altitude of 280–1,000 m .

The total population was formerly thought to consist of no more than 30 individuals. Although severely geographically restricted, the species actually occurs commonly in places and appears to be regenerating healthily. The only other member of the genus is in Somalia.

In the past this tree has been considered rare, even on the point of extinction . This is almost certainly because most expeditions have visited the island in January to February when the tree is not in flower; it is then rather nondescript and easily overlooked. However, it becomes far more conspicuous in summer (March to April) when it is covered in white flowers. It is particularly abundant in the dense woodland in the upper reaches of Wadi Ayheft. It is also less common in other areas, for instance on the higher seaward-facing cliffs at Reqadrihon (above Hoq). These cliffs capture low cloud and drizzle during the winter and are a refugium for some species (e.g. , Coelocarpum haggierensis) which are otherwise found only in areas of high rainfall in the Haggehr mountains. (Ref. 269008).

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Publishing author : Schweinf. ex Balf.f. Publication : in Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinb. xii. (1884) 404.

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  1. Miller, A. 2004. Dirachma socotrana. In: IUCN 2011. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2011.2. <>. Downloaded on 31 January 2012. [back]
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