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Dipterocarpus macrocarpus


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Family Dipterocarpaceae

Trees , evergreen or semievergreen, rarely deciduous in dry season . Xylem with aromatic resin in intercellular resin canals. Branchlets with stipular scars , sometimes annular . Leaves simple , alternate; stipules persistent or caducous , large or small; leaf blade with lateral veins pinnate, margin entire or sinuate-crenate. Inflorescences few- or many-flowered, terminal or axillary racemes or panicles; flowers usually sweetly scented; bracts usually fugacious and minute, rarely persistent and large. Inflorescences, calyces, petals, ovary, and other parts usually with stellate , squamate , fascicled or free-standing hairs . Flowers bisexual , actinomorphic , contorted. Calyx lobes 5, free or united at base , imbricate in bud if not united. Petals 5, adnate or connate at base. Stamens (10-) 15 to many, free from or connate to petals; filaments usually dilated at base; anthers 2-celled, with 2 pollen sacs per cell (Chinese species) ; connective appendages aristate , filiform or stout. Ovary superior, rarely semi-inferior, slightly immersed in torus, usually 3-loculed, each locule 2-, rarely many ovuled; ovules pendulous, lateral or anatropous . Fruit usually nutlike, sometimes capsular and 3-valved, 1(to many) -seeded, with persistent, variously accrescent calyx of which 2 or more lobes are usually developed into lorate wings . Seed exalbuminous ; cotyledons fleshy , equal or unequal, applanate or folded or cerebriform , entire or laciniate ; radicle directed toward hilum , usually included between cotyledons.

About 17 genera and 550 species: tropical Africa, Asia, and South America (in Asia, most species and genera in NW Borneo) ; five genera and 12 species (one endemic, one introduced ) in China.[1]

Genus Dipterocarpus

Trees , lofty, emergent, with grayish brown to orange flaky , prominently lenticellate bark and aromatic oily white resin, with stout buttresses. Stipules large, enclosing terminal bud, finally caducous and leaving an annular scar ; leaf blade leathery, plicate in bud and ± corrugate when opened; lateral veins pinnate, straight; tertiary veins subscalariform, conspicuous , margin entire or sinuate-crenate. Raceme 3-9-flowered, hardly branched. Flowers large, sweetly scented. Calyx with urceolate or cup-shaped free basal tube ; sepals valvate , unequal. Petals white or with a reddish median stripe , pubescent or stellate pubescent especially on parts exposed in bud. Anthers yellow, linear , equivalved; connective appendages aristate or filiform . Ovary narrowly ovoid , pubescent; style filiform; stigma slightly dilated . Fruit nutlike, enclosed in accrescent calyx tube; winglike calyx lobes 2, erect . Seed adnate to base of pericarp; cotyledons large, thick, unequal; radicle inconspicuous.

About 70 species: Cambodia, China, India, W Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam; two species (one introduced ) in China.[2]


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Publishing author : Vesque Publication : in Compt.-Rend. Par. lxxviii. (1874) 627

Place of publication: Compt.-Rend. Hebd. Séances Acad. Sci. 78:627. 1870

Name verified on 10-Aug-2004 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last updated: 10-Aug-2004

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