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Dalbergia odorifera

(Fragrant Rosewood)


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Threat status

Common Names

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Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in English:

Fragrant Rosewood


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Genus Dalbergia

Trees and shrubs . Leaves imparipinnate rarely unifoliolate , lateral leaflets alternate, exstipellate. Inflorescence a terminal or axillary cyme or panicle. Bract and bracteoles small. Calyx campanulate , teeth unequal. Vexillum ovate or orbicular . Keel petals united at the tip . Stamens 9 or 10, monadelphous or diadelphous . Ovary stipitate , ovules 1 to few, style incurved , glabrous , stigma capitate. Fruit samaroid , indehiscent, not winged , 1-4-seeded. Seed reniform , compressed .

A genus with about 300 species, mainly distributed in tropics and subtropics.[1]

Physical Description

Habit: TreeClimbing: Not Climbing


Biome: Terrestrial [2].

Ecology: Secondary forest and scrub up to 600 m altitude .[2].


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Duration: Perennial


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Dalbergia hainanensis Merr. & Chun


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Climbing : Not climbing, Conservation Status: Rare, Habit: Tree , Lifespan: Perennial

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Dalbergia

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D. abrahamii (Rosewood) · D. bariensis (Burmese Rosewood) · D. baronii (Palisander) · D. brasiliensis (Caroba-Brava) · D. brownei (Brown's Indian Rosewood) · D. calycina (Granadillo) · D. candenatensis (Dalbergia) · D. catingicola (Jacarand) · D. cearensis (Brazilian Kingwood) · D. cochinchinensis (Rose Wood) · D. cubilquitzensis (Granadillo) · D. cultrata (Burma Blackwood) · D. cultrata var. cultrata (Burma Blackwood) · D. decipularis (Bastiao-De-Arruda) · D. ecastaphyllum (Bejuco De Peseta) · D. elegans (Mussuta) · D. foliolosa (Jacarand -Rosa) · D. frutescens (Jacarand -Rosa) · D. frutescens var. frutescens (Pau-De-Estribo) · D. frutescens var. tomentosa (Jacarand -Rosa) · D. funera (Ebano) · D. gracilis (Tripa-De-Galinha) · D. hortensis (Sebastiao-De-Arruda) · D. inundata (Jacaranda) · D. lanceolaria (Shisham) · D. latifolia (Bombay Blackwood) · D. melanoxylon (African Blackwood) · D. miscolobium (Canela-De-Burro) · D. mollis (Rosewood) · D. monetaria (Bejuco De Peseta) · D. nigra (Bahia Rosewood) · D. obovata (Climbing Flat Bean) · D. odorifera (Fragrant Rosewood) · D. oliveri (Burma Rosewood) · D. palauensis (Dalbergia) · D. parviflora (Akar Laka) · D. pseudo-sissoo (Hornet Creeper) · D. retusa (Cocobolo) · D. retusa var. retusa (Nambar) · D. riparia (Rabo-De-Guariba) · D. sissoides (Malabar Blackwood) · D. sissoo (Indian Rosewood) · D. spruceana (Sabuarana) · D. stevensonii (Rosewood) · D. subcymosa (Ver“nica) · D. trichocarpa (Rosewood) · D. tucurensis (Dalbergia) · D. villosa (Heliotropio) · D. villosa var. barretoana (Heliotropio) · D. xerophila (Rosewood)

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