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Crotalaria longirostrata


Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Chipil, Castanet-Plant, Chapil, Chipilino, Long-Beak Rattle-Box, Long-Beak Rattlepod, Long-Beaked Rattlebox, Longbeak Rattlebox, Parrajachel

Common Names in Spanish:

Chepil (Mexico), Chipil, Chipilín, Chipilín De Comer, Chipilin, Empanadilla (Mexico), Kurhinditu (Mexico), Sonajilla (Mexico), Vaca


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Genus Crotalaria

Herbs or shrubs . Leaf simple or palmately trifoliolate or rarely up to 7-foliolate, generally stipulate . Inflorescence a raceme , terminal or leaf opposed. Bracts and bracteoles small or absent. Calyx teeth linear , lanceolate, subequal , free or the upper 2 fused, forming a lip. Vexillum orbicular , rarely ovate . Wing shorter than the standard . Keel incurved , beaked . Stamens monadelphous , anthers dimorphic . Ovary generally sessile, 2-many ovuled, style incurved, bearded above, stigma small, rarely bilobed . Fruit sessile or stipitate , globose or linear-oblong, turgid or inflated , 2-many seeded, continuous within.

About 550 species, distributed throughout the tropics and subtropics, but most numerous in Tropical Africa.[1]

Physical Description

Habit: Herb, ShrubClimbing: Not Climbing


Typically found at an altitude of 0 to 1,978 meters (0 to 6,490 feet).[2]


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Duration: Perennial


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Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Climbing : Not climbing, Conservation Status: Not Threatened, Habit: Herb, Habit: Shrub , Lifespan: Perennial

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Crotalaria

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C. agatiflora (Canary Bird Bush) · C. alata (Rattlebox) · C. aridicola (Chillagoe Horse Poison) · C. assamica (Indian Rattlebox) · C. avonensis (Avon Park Harebells) · C. berteriana (Berteron's Rattlebox) · C. berteroana (Cascavelle Jaune) · C. biflora (Twoflower Rattlebox) · C. brevidens (Ethiopian Rattlebox) · C. breviflora (Shortflower Rattlebox) · C. capensis (Cape Rattle Pod) · C. crispata (Kimberley Horsepoison) · C. cunninghamii (Birdflower) · C. eremaea (Desert Rattlepod) · C. goreensis (Gambia Pea) · C. incana (Barraquito) · C. incana incana (Barraquito) · C. juncea (Cascavelle) · C. laburnifolia (Birdflower) · C. laburnifolia laburnifolia (Birdflower) · C. lanceolata (Lance-Leaf Rattle-Box) · C. lanceolata lanceolata (Lanceleaf Crotalaria) · C. longirostrata (Chipil) · C. lotifolia (Cascabelillo Axilar) · C. maypurensis (Maruga) · C. medicaginea (Trefoil Rattlepod) · C. medicaginea var. herniarioides (Trefoil Rattlepod) · C. micans (Caracas Rattlebox) · C. mitchellii (Yellow Rattlepod) · C. mitchellii mitchellii (Yellow Rattlepod) · C. mysorensis (Rattlebox) · C. nitens (Cascabeles) · C. novae-hollandiae (New Holland Rattlepod) · C. ochroleuca (Slender Leaf Rattlebox) · C. pallida (Rattlebox) · C. pallida var. obovata (Rattlebox) · C. paulina (Rattlebox) · C. pilosa (Hairy Rattlebox) · C. pumila (Chipilincillo) · C. purshii (Purshs Rattlebox) · C. quinquefolia (Sen) · C. retusa (Cachimbito) · C. retusa var. tunguensis (Cachimbito) · C. rotundifolia (Prostrate Rattle-Box) · C. sagittalis (Arrow Crotalaria) · C. saltiana (African Rattlebox) · C. sessiliflora (Rattlebox) · C. spectabilis (Cascavelle Jaune) · C. spectabilis parvibracteata (Cascavelle Jaune) · C. spectabilis spectabilis (Showy Crotalaria) · C. stipularia (Cascabelillo) · C. trichotoma (Cascavelle Trois Feuilles) · C. uncinella (Ambrevatte Marronne) · C. verrucosa (Blue Rattle-Box) · C. virgulata (Rattlebox) · C. virgulata virgulata (Thicket Rattlebox) · C. vitellina (Cohetillo)

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal November 21, 2007:



  1. "Crotalaria". in Flora of Pakistan Page 40.. Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press. Online at [back]
  2. Mean = 609.120 meters (1,998.425 feet), Standard Deviation = 856.180 based on 163 observations. Altitude information for each observation from British Oceanographic Data Centre. [back]
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