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Coleus zeylanicus


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Genus Coleus

Herbs or shrubs . Leaves petiolate , dentate . Verticillasters 6- to many flowered, in racemes or panicles; bracts early deciduous or absent. Flowers pedicellate . Calyx ovoid-campanulate to campanulate , 5-toothed or conspicuously 2-lipped, posterior tooth larger; fruiting calyx dilated, declinate or recurved, throat glabrous or villous . Corolla much exserted, erect or recurved, 2-lipped; upper lip (3- or) 4-lobed, strongly reflexed ; lower lip entire, elongated, navicular , narrowed at base . Stamens 4, declinate, included within lower lip; filaments connate or free , rarely adnate to corolla tube ; anther cells apex confluent . Style apex equally 2-cleft. Nutlets ovoid to globose , smooth , tuberculate or not.

About 90(-150) species: tropics of E hemisphere, Australia; six species in China.

Many workers believe that the type species of Coleus is congeneric with Plectranthus s. str., a large predominantly African genus, but some of the Asian species have never been formally transferred to that genus. There is much less agreement on the status of other segregate genera.[1]


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Publishing author : L.H.Cramer Publication : Kew Bull . 32(3): 560 (1978)

Basionym author: (Benth.)

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Members of the genus Coleus

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  1. "Coleus". in Flora of China Vol. 17 Page 292. Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press. Online at [back]
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