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Cocculus laurifolius

(Laurel-Leaved Snailseed)


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Common Names

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Common Names in Chinese:


Common Names in English:

Laurel-Leaved Snailseed

Common Names in Russian:

Коккулус лавролистный


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Family Menispermaceae

Genera ca. 78, species ca. 525 (4 genera, 5 sp: widespread in temperate and tropical regions .[1]

Genus Cocculus

Vines , twining or clambering . Stems green, apically tomentose grading to pilose or glabrate on older portions. Leaves not peltate. Leaf blade generally ovate to hastate or oblong , base cordate, truncate , or rounded , margins entire, apex mucronate ; surfaces soft-pubescent or glabrous . Inflorescences axillary or terminal , racemes or racemose panicles; bracts minute (bracteoles). Flowers 3-ranked; sepals 6-9, ovate to elliptic or obovate , outer sepals glabrous or pilose to sparsely pilose abaxially, inner sepals glabrous; petals 6, free . Staminate flowers : petals to 2 mm, auriculate lobes at base inflexed over 6 stamens; filaments distinct ; anthers 4-locular; pistillodes 36 or absent, glandular . Pistillate flowers: perianth similar to staminate ; staminodes 6, poorly developed; pistils 6; ovary slightly asymmetrically pouched, glabrous; stigma entire. Drupes globose , glabrous; endocarp bony, depressed but not excavate , warty, ribbed . x = 13.

Species 11: temperate regions , North America, Mexico, Asia, Africa.[2]

Physical Description

Habit: Evergreen .

Flowers: Flower Color: inconspicuous, none


Size: 20-30' tall.


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Culture: Space 8-10' apart.

Sunlight: Sun Exposure: Full Sun .

Temperature: Cold Hardiness: 9b, 10a, 10b, 11. (map)


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Publishing author : DC. Publication : Syst. Nat. [Candolle] 1: 520 1817 [1818 publ. 1-15 Nov 1817]

An accepted name in the RHS Horticultural Database.

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Cocculus

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Data Sources

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