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Clerodendrum infortunatum


Common Names

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Genus Clerodendrum

Shrubs or small trees , rarely subshrubs or herbs, erect or rarely climbing , deciduous or evergreen . Branchlets usually 4-angled when young. Leaves simple , opposite or rarely whorled . Inflorescences loosely cymose or capitate, in terminal or rarely axillary paniculate thyrses . Calyx campanulate or cup-shaped, ca. 5-dentate or deeply 5-lobed. Corolla with a slender tube ; lobes 5, spreading . Stamens 4, ± exserted. Ovary 4-locular; ovules pendulous or laterally attached. Style with 2 acute stigmatic lobes. Fruiting calyx ± inflated . Fruit a drupe with 4 1-seeded pyrenes, sometimes separating into 2 2-loculed or 4 1-locular mericarps.

About 400 species: mostly tropical and subtropical , few in temperate Asia, Africa, and America; 34 species in China.[1]


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Publishing author : L. Publication : Sp. Pl. 2: 637 1753 [1 May 1753]

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Clerodendrum

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 44 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus:

C. aculeatum (Haggarbush) · C. bungei (Cashmere Bouquet) · C. calamitosum (White Butterfly) · C. chinense (Cashmere Bouqet) · C. floribundum (Lolly Bush) · C. glabrum (Natal Glory-Bower) · C. heterophyllum (Clerodendron) · C. incisum (Morning Kiss) · C. indicum (Bowing Lady) · C. inerme (Clerodendron) · C. japonicum (Japanese Glory-Bower) · C. kaempferi (Kaempfer's Glorybower) · C. lindleyi (Lindley's Clerodendrum) · C. lindleyi var. paniculatum (Lindley's Clerodendrum) · C. macrostegium (Velvetleaf Glorybower) · C. minahassae (Fountain Clerodendrum) · C. minahasse (Clerodendron) · C. molle (Glory Bower) · C. myricoides (Blue Glorybower) · C. nutans (Nodding Clerodendrum) · C. paniculatum (Clerodendron) · C. paniculatum 'Borneo Sunset' (Clerodendrum) · C. quadriloculare (Bronze-Leaved Clerodendrum) · C. quadriloculare 'Brandonii' (Firecracker Flower) · C. sahelangii (Champagne Clerodenrum) · C. siphonanthus (Clerodendrum) · C. speciosissimum (Clerodendron) · C. splendens (Bleeding Heart Vine) · C. thompsoniae (Bagflower) · C. thomsonae (Bleeding Heart) · C. thomsoniae (Bleeding Heart) · C. thomsoniae 'Delectum' (Bleeding Heart Vine) · C. thomsoniae 'Variegatum' (Glory Bower) · C. tomentosum (Downy Chance) · C. trichotomum (Clerodendron) · C. trichotomum var. fargesii (Glory Bower) · C. trichotomum var. ferrugineum (Ferruginous Clerodendrum) · C. trichotomum var. trichotomum (Clerodendrum) · C. trichotomum 'Carnival' (Harlequin Glory Bower) · C. trichotomum 'Variegata' (Harlequin Glory Bower) · C. ugandense (Blue Glory Bower) · C. umbellatum (Umbel Clerodendrum) · C. wallichii (Bridal Veil) · C. x speciosum (Bleeding Heart)

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  1. "Clerodendrum". in Flora of China Vol. 17 Page 34. Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press. Online at [back]
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