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Cleome hemsleyana


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Cleomella Hemsleyana • Cleomella hemsleyana Bullock • Physostemon Hemsleyana


Publishing author : Iltis Publication : Madro?o 13: 183 1956

Basionym author: (Bullock)

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Cleome

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 43 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus:

C. aculeata (Prickly Spider-Flower) · C. affinis (Mussabe) · C. circassica (Kolokol'chik Sloistyi) · C. diffusa (Spreading Spider-Flower) · C. dodecandra (Red-Whisker Clammyweed) · C. gynandra (African Spider Flower) · C. hassleriana (Crown Flower) · C. hassleriana 'Cherry Queen' (Grandfathers Whiskers) · C. hassleriana 'Colour Fountain' (Cleome) · C. hassleriana 'Helen Campbell' (Helen Campbell Cleome) · C. hassleriana 'Linde Armstrong' (Grandfathers Whiskers) · C. hassleriana 'Pink Queen' (Grandfathers Whiskers) · C. hassleriana 'Queen Mix' (Grandfathers Whiskers) · C. hassleriana 'Rose Queen' (Grandfathers Whiskers) · C. hassleriana 'Sparkler Blush' (Blush Cleome) · C. hassleriana 'Sparkler Lavender' (Lavender Cleome) · C. hassleriana 'Sparkler Mix' (Cleome) · C. hassleriana 'Sparkler Rose' (Sparkler Rose Cleome) · C. hassleriana 'Sparkler White' (Grandfathers Whiskers) · C. hassleriana 'Spirit Apple Blossom' (Spirit Apple Blossom Cleome) · C. hassleriana 'Spirit Damask' (Pink Queen) · C. hassleriana 'Violet Queen' (Grandfathers Whiskers) · C. hassleriana 'White Queen' (Grandfathers Whiskers) · C. iberica (Iberian Spiderflower) · C. isomeris (Bladderpod) · C. lutea (Yellow Bee Plant) · C. lutea var. jonesii (Jones Spiderflower) · C. lutea var. jonesii J.F.Macbr. (Jones Spiderflower) · C. lutea var. lutea (Yellow Spiderflower) · C. multicaulis (Many-Stemmed Spider-Flower) · C. ornithopodioides (Bird Spider-Flower) · C. platycarpa (Broadpod Cleome) · C. rutidosperma (Ciliate Spider-Flower) · C. serrata (Toothed Spider-Flower) · C. serrulata (Bee Spider-Flower) · C. serrulata 'Solo' (Dwarf Spider Flower) · C. sparsifolia (Few-Leaf Spider-Flower) · C. speciosa (Volantines Preciosos) · C. spinosa (Spider Flower) · C. spinosa 'Rose Queen' (Rose Queen Cleome) · C. stenophylla (Tropical Spiderflower) · C. viscosa (Asian Spider-Flower) · C. 'Sparkler White' (White Cleome)

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