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Chrysanthemum 'Quinty'


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Family Compositae

The largest family of flowering plants , the Compositae (Asteraceae), comprising about 1,100 genera and more than 20,000 species and characterized by many small flowers arranged in a head looking like a single flower and subtended by an involucre of bracts. A head may consist of both ray flowers and disk flowers, as in the sunflower, of disk flowers only, as in the burdock, or of ray flowers only, as in the dandelion.

Genus Chrysanthemum

Annual or rarely perennial erect herbs, with fibrous roots . Leaves alternate, oblong or obovate , uppermost sometimes simple and entire, lower mostly 2-3-pinnatisect or 1-2-pinnatifid, with apex 2-3-partite, the margin lobed or dentate towards the semi-amplexicaule base . Capitula radiate , heterogamous, solitary, terminal or 2-5 per branch in lax corymbs, with peduncles often thickened toward apices. Involucre 2-3(-4) -seriate, phyllaries many-nerved, imbricate. Receptacle convex , without scales or paleae. Ray-florets pistillate , with yellow or sometimes white, apically 2-3-fid ligules, fertile . Disc-florets hermaphrodite, tubular , the corolla tube laterally expanded, 5-lobed, lobes with central resin sacs . Cypselas dimorphic and sometimes compressed , thick-walled, those of the ray-florets triquetrous or winged , disc cypselas mostly laterally flattened, narrowly winged adaxially, or cylindrical, 10-ribbed or angular, all epappose .

Species 2, distributed in Europe, Asia, and N. Africa. Represented in our area by the following species.[1]


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Similar Species

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Members of the genus Chrysanthemum

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 213 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus. Here are just 100 of them:

C. carinatum (Tricolor Chrysanthemum) · C. cinerariaefolium (Dalmation Pyrethrum) · C. cinerariifolium (Pyrethrum) · C. coccineum (Pyrethum Daisy) · C. coronarium (Crown Daisy) · C. coronarium L. var. spatiosum L.H.Bailey (Crowndaisy) · C. coronarium var. coronarium (Garland Chrysanthemum) · C. coronarium var. spatiosum (Crowndaisy) · C. coronarium 'Primrose Gem' (Crown Daisy) · C. frutescens (Marguerite) · C. indicum (Mother's Daisy) · C. japonicum (Chrysanthemum) · C. macrophyllum (Tansy Chrysanthemum) · C. majus (Daisy) · C. mawei (Rockfish) · C. morifolium (Florist`s Chrysanthemum) · C. multicaule (Yellow Daisy) · C. paludosum (Baby Marguerite) · C. pinnatifidum (Ox-Eye Daisy) · C. segetum (Corn Chrysanthemum) · C. tanacetum (Daisy) · C. weyrichii 'White Bomb' (Chrysanthemum) · C. × grandiflorum (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum'Andrea' (Andrea Garden Mum) · C. x grandiflorum'Barbara' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum'Blushing Emily' (Blushing Emily Garden Mum) · C. x grandiflorum'Carrie' (Carrie Garden Mum) · C. x grandiflorum'Christine' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum'Dazzling Stacy' (Dazzling Stacy Garden Mum) · C. x grandiflorum'Flashy Gretchen' (Flashy Gretchen Garden Mum) · C. x grandiflorum 'Foxy Marjorie' (Foxy Marjorie Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum'Golden Marilyn' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum'Grace' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum'Harmony' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum 'Houston' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum 'Jessica Louise' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum 'L'innocence' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum'Marjorie' (Florists Daisy) · C. x grandiflorum 'Pure Delight' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum 'Raspberry Parfait' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum'Roxanne' (Roxanne Garden Mum) · C. x grandiflorum 'Ryan's Pink' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum'Sandy' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum 'Shaman's Vision' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum'Spicy Cheryl' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum'Stacy' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum 'Stadium Queen' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum'Sunny Gretchen' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum 'Sun Spider' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum 'Tolima' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum 'Wildberry' (Chrysanthemum) · C. x grandiflorum 'Zesty Victoria' (Zesty Victoria Garden Mum) · C. x morifolium (Florist`s Chrysanthemum) · C. x rubellum'Clara Curtis' (Clara Curtis Hardy Chrysanthemum) · C. x rubellum 'Duchess of Edinburgh' (Hardy Chrysanthemum) · C. x rubellum 'Mary Stoker' (Hardy Chrysanthemum) · C. x superbum 'Aglaia' (Aglaia Shasta Daisy) · C. x superbum 'Becky' (Becky Shasta Daisy) · C. x superbum 'Snowcap' (Snowcap Shasta Daisy) · C. x superbum'Snow Lady' (Snow Lady Dwarf Shasta Daisy) · C. x 'Beth' (Beth Garden Mum) · C. x 'Helen' (Helen Garden Mum) · C. x 'Jennifer' (Jennifer Garden Mum) · C. x 'Sunny Denise' (Sunny Denise Garden Mum) · C. '00-100-382' (Chrysanthemum '00-100-382') · C.'Alberta' (Alberta Garden Mum) · C. 'Alexis' (Alexis Trial Mum) · C.'Amor' (Amor Garden Mum) · C.'Amor Coral' (Amor Coral Garden Mum) · C.'Amor Pink' (Amor Pink Garden Mum) · C.'Amphian' (Amphian Garden Mum) · C. 'Anthony Peace' (Chrysanthemum 'anthony Peace') · C. 'Argos Orange' (Argos Orange Garden Mum) · C. 'Autumn Eyes' (Chrysanthemum) · C.'Barbie' (Barbie Garden Mum) · C. 'Bestman' (Chrysanthemum 'bestman') · C.'Bethany' (Bethany Garden Mum) · C. 'Bianca' (Bianca Garden Mum) · C. 'Bill Holden' (Chrysanthemum 'bill Holden') · C. 'Blizzard' (Blizzard Garden Mum) · C.'Bold Gretchen' (Bold Gretchen Garden Mum) · C.'Bold Melissa' (Bold Melissa Garden Mum) · C. 'Bolero' (Bolero Chrysanthemum) · C. 'Brandi' (Brandi Garden Mum) · C. 'Breezers' (Chrysanthemum 'breezers') · C.'Bright Gretchen' (Bright Gretchen Garden Mum) · C.'Brigitte' (Brigitte Garden Mum) · C. 'Browney' (Chrysanthemum 'browney') · C. 'Cambodian Queen' (Cambodian Queen Chrysanthemum) · C. 'Camille' (Camille Mum) · C. 'Camina' (Camina Garden Mum) · C. 'Carrousel' (Spider Mum) · C. 'Cesaro' (Cesaro Mum) · C. 'Cherry Riley's Dynasty' (Chrysanthemum 'cherry Riley's Dynasty') · C.'Cheryl' (Cheryl Garden Mum) · C. 'Chestnut Talbot Maid' (Chrysanthemum 'chestnut Talbot Maid') · C. 'Christine' (Christine Chrysanthemum) · C. 'Concerto' (Garden Mum) · C. 'Coparo' (Coparo Belgian Mum) · C. 'Corrine' (Corrine Chrysanthemum)

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  1. "Chrysanthemum". in Flora of Pakistan V. 207 Page 45. Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press. Online at [back]
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