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Castanea henryi

(Henry Chestnut)

Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Henry Chestnut

Common Names in French:

Châtaignier De Vilmorin

Common Names in German:


Common Names in Japanese:

Kasutanea Henrii


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Genus Castanea

Trees or shrubs , winter-deciduous, sometimes rhizomatous . Terminal buds absent, pseudoterminal bud (axillary bud of youngest leaf) ovoid , with 2 unequal opposite outer scales enclosing several imbricate inner scales. Leaves: stipules prominent on new growth, soon deciduous. Leaf blade thin, somewhat leathery, secondary veins unbranched, ±parallel, extending to margin , each vein ending in sharp tooth or well-developed awn . Inflorescences staminate or androgynous, axillary , spicate , erect , rigid or flexible ; androgynous inflorescences with pistillate cupules/flowers toward base and staminate flowers distally. Staminate flowers: sepals distinct ; stamens 12(-18), typically surrounding indurate pistillode covered with silky hairs . Pistillate flowers 1-3 per cupule; sepals distinct; carpels and styles typically 6(-9). Fruits: maturation in 1st year following pollination (termed annual by many authors ) ; cupule 2-4-valved, valves connate marginally until maturity, ±completely enclosing nut(s), spiny , spines irregularly branched, often interlocking, densely or sparsely covered in simple hairs; nuts 1-3 per cupule, plano-convex , or if 3, then central nut often reduced and flattened, or if solitary, then often rounded in cross section , not winged , adjacent nuts not separated by internal cupule valves. x = 12.

Species ca. 8-10 (3 in the flora , often interpreted as 2) : North America, Europe, Asia.

As evidenced by United States breeding programs, all species are probably interfertile (including American × Asian species). Local morphologic intergradation between species is to be expected.[1]


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Castanea fargesii Dode • Castanea sativa var. acuminatissima Seem. • Castanea vilmoriniana Dode • Castanopsis henryi Skan


Publishing author : Rehder & E.H.Wilson Publication : Pl. Wilson. (Sargent) 3(2): 196 1916 [31 Aug 1916]

Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: 11-Nov-2003

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Castanea

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  1. "Castanea". in Flora of North America Vol. 3. Oxford University Press. Online at [back]
Last Revised: 2014-05-09