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Bromus commutatus

(Hairy Brome)


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Common Names

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Common Names in Arabic:

شويعرة المروج

Common Names in English:

Hairy Brome, Hairy Chess, Meadow Brome, Meadow Brome Bromus Commutatus

Common Names in French:

brome confondu, brome variable

Common Names in German:

Verwechselte Trespe

Common Names in Portuguese:



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Genus Bromus

Annuals or perennials . Culms erect , tufted or with rhizomes. Leaf sheaths closed ; leaf blades linear , usually flat; ligules membranous. Panicles spreading or contracted , branches scabrid or pubescent , elongated or arched. Spikelets large, with 3 to many florets , upper florets often sterile ; rachilla disarticulating above glumes and between florets, scabrid or shortly hairy ; glumes unequal or subequal , shorter than spikelet, lanceolate or nearly ovate , (1-) 5-7-veined, apex acute or long acuminate or aristiform ; floret callus glabrous or both sides thinly hairy; lemmas rounded on back or compressed to keel, 5-9(-11) -veined, herbaceous or nearly leathery, margins often membranous, apex entire or 2-toothed; awn terminal or arising from lemma between teeth slightly under apex, rarely awnless or 3-awned; palea narrow, usually shorter than lemma, keels ciliate or scabrid. Lodicules 2. Stamens 3. Ovary apex with appendage ; styles 2, arising from lower front of appendage. Caryopsis oblong , apex hairy, adaxial surface sulcate . Chromosomes large, x = 7, 2n = 14, 28, 42, 56, 70.

About 150 species: temperate regions , mainly in the N hemisphere, also on mountains in the tropics; 55 species (eight endemic, at least three introduced ) in China.[1]

Physical Description

Habit: Graminoid


Size: 12-18" tall.


Typically found at an altitude of 0 to 1,767 meters (0 to 5,797 feet).[2]


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Duration: Annual


Temperature: Cold Hardiness: Not Applicable (map)


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Brachypodium commutatum (Schrad.) P. Beauv. • Bromus commutatus var. apricorum Simonkai • Bromus hordeaceus L. var. commutatus (Schrad.) Fiori • Bromus mollis L. var. commutatus (Schrad.) Sanio • Bromus mutabilis F. W. Schultz var. commutatus (Schrad.) F. W. Schultz • Bromus racemosus L. var. commutatus (Schrad.) Coss. & T. Durand • Bromus racemosus L. commutatus (Schrad.) Maire & Weiller • Bromus secalinus L. commutatus (Schrad.) Lloret • Forasaccus commutatus (Schrad.) Bubani • Serrafalcus commutatus (Schrad.) Bab. • Serrafalcus racemosus (L.) Parl. Commutatus (Schrad.) Rouy


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: 15-Mar-2000

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Bromus

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal November 14, 2007:



  1. Liang Liu, Guanghua Zhu & Klaus Ammann "Bromus". in Flora of China Vol. 22 Page 370, 371. Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press. Online at [back]
  2. Mean = 98.650 meters (323.655 feet), Standard Deviation = 138.940 based on 3,012 observations. Altitude information for each observation from British Oceanographic Data Centre. [back]
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