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Bougainvillea formosa


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Family Nyctaginaceae

Herbs, shrubs , trees , or sometimes spiny vines . Leaves opposite, alternate, or whorled ; stipules absent; petiole usually present, well defined; leaf blade simple , herbaceous or slightly fleshy , margin entire. Inflorescences mostly terminal , less often axillary , of cymes, umbels, or verticils , sometimes 1-flowered or fasciculate, often grouped into panicles; bracts often inconspicuous, sometimes forming calyxlike involucre, or large and brightly colored . Flowers bisexual , rarely unisexual or polygamous, actinomorphic . Perianth constricted beyond the ovary, base persistent , closely enclosing ovary which appears inferior, limb petaloid beyond constriction, tubular , funnelform , or campanulate , apex 5-10-lobed, lobes plicate or valvate in bud, persistent or caducous . Disk absent. Stamens (1-) 3-5(-many), hypogynous, free or connate at base, involute in bud; anthers 2-loculed, dehiscence longitudinal . Ovary superior, 1-loculed; ovule 1. Style 1; stigma globose . Fruit an achenelike anthocarp enclosed by persistent perianth, ribbed or winged , often glandular . Seed 1; endosperm present; embryo straight or curved .

About 30 genera and 300 species: tropics and subtropics, mainly in tropical America; six genera (two introduced ) and 13 species (one endemic, three introduced) in China.[1]

Genus Bougainvillea

Shrubs or small trees , sometimes climbing . Branches spiny . Leaves alternate, petiolate , leaf blade ovate or elliptic-lanceolate. Inflorescences axillary , pedunculate , 3-flowered cymes, each flower subtended by a persistent , often brightly colored , ovate bract adnate to the pedicel, often grouped into terminal panicles. Flowers bisexual ; pedicel adnate to the midvein or the bract. Perianth connate , limb rose or yellow, funnelform , 5-6-lobed, lobes short. Stamens 5-10, included ; filaments shortly united at base . Ovary fusiform , stipitate . Style lateral , short linear ; stigma fimbriate. Fruit cylindric or clavate , 5-ribbed, without sticky glands . Seed: testa thin; embryo curved , cotyledons convolute, enclosing the endosperm.

About 18 species: native to South America, widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions; two species (introduced ) in China.[2]


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Similar Species

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Members of the genus Bougainvillea

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