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Bauhinia forficata



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Habit: Shrub , Lifespan: Perennial

Common Names

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Common Names in Catalan, Valencian:


Common Names in English:

Bauhinia, Cow´s-Foot, Orchid Tree, White Orchid Tree

Common Names in Portuguese:

Pata De Vaca

Common Names in Spanish, Castilian:

Pata De Vaca


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Subfamily Caesalpinioideae

Mostly trees or shrubs . Leaves mostly pinnate, sometimes bipinnate, rarely apparently simple . Corolla usually showy, zygomorphic, the petals imbricate, posterior (upper or banner ) petal innermost in bud. Stamens 10 or fewer, distinct , usually not showy, some commonly reduced to staminodes. Pollen released in monads . Seeds with u-shaped line (pleurogram) usually lacking. [Carr]

Genus Bauhinia

Trees , shrubs or climbers . Leaves alternate, simple , usually consisting of two lobes or almost bifoliolate with midrib between the two leaflets produced as a small spur. Flowers are showy, arranged in simple or panicled , terminal or axillary racemes . Hypanthium sometimes long and cylindrical, sometimes short and turbinate . Calyx entire or spathaceous , or cleft into two or five teeth. Petals 5, slightly unequal, narrowed at the base into a claw , variously coloured. Stamens 10, or reduced to 5 or there, filaments free or shortly connate , filiform , anthers versatile, Dehiscing longitudinally. Ovary seated on a stalk (gynophore ), ovules many, style long or short and usually curved , stigma capitate, fruit a linear pod, dehiscent or indehiscent.

A genus with c. 570 species, mostly distributed in tropics and warm temperate regions of both the hemispheres.[1]

Physical Description

Flowers: Bloom Period: June. • Flower Color: near white, white


Size: 10-12' tall.


Typically found at an altitude of 0 to 950 meters (0 to 3,117 feet).[2]


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Culture: Space 12-15' apart.

Soil: Minimum pH: 5.6 • Maximum pH: 6.5

Sunlight: Sun Exposure: Full Sun .

Temperature: Cold Hardiness: 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b, 11. (map)


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Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Habit: Shrub , Lifespan: Perennial

Last scrutiny: May-2001

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Bauhinia

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B. acuminata (Yellow Butterfly Tree) · B. aculeata (White Orchid Tree) · B. acuminata (Bauhinia) · B. aureifolia (Gold Leaf Bauhinia) · B. bartlettii (Orchid Tree) · B. bassacensis (Bauhinia) · B. bidentata (Orange Bauhinia) · B. blakeana (Hong Kong Orchid Tree) · B. carronii (Queensland Ebony) · B. corymbosa (Butterfly Vine) · B. cunninghamii (Sparse Bauhinia) · B. divaricata (Bull Hoof) · B. divaricata rosea (Bull Hoof) · B. forficata (Bauhinia) · B. forficata subsp. pruinosa (Pata De Chivo) · B. galpinii (Bauhinia Rouge) · B. galpinii var. galpinii (Nasturtium Bauhinia) · B. glabra (Monkey Ladder Vine) · B. grandidieri (Dwarf Orchid Tree) · B. guianensis (Liane-Boudin Tordue) · B. hookeri (Mountain Ebony) · B. jenningsii (Cows Tongue) · B. kockiana (Red Trailing Bauhinia) · B. macranthera (Anacacho Orchid Tree) · B. malabarica (Lilac Bauhinia) · B. monandra (Napoleon's Plume) · B. multinervia (Petite Flamboyant Bauhinia) · B. natalensis (Dainty Bauhinia) · B. pauletia (Railroadfence) · B. petersiana (Bauhinia Petersiana) · B. petersiana macrantha (Wild Coffee-Bean) · B. petersiana subsp. macrantha (Wild Coffee Bean) · B. picta (Algodoncillo) · B. pulla (Hopseed Bush) · B. purpurea (Butterfly Tree) · B. rufescens (Bauhinia) · B. scandens var. horsfieldii (Monkey's Ladder) · B. semla (Semla Gum) · B. tarapotensis (Patevaca) · B. thonningii (Camel’s Foot) · B. tomentosa (Flor De Azufre) · B. tubicalyx (Bauhinia) · B. ungulata (Bauhinia Rouge) · B. uruguayensis (Pata De Vaca) · B. vahlii (Adda Leaf) · B. variegata (Bois De Boeuf) · B. variegata var. Alba (White Mountain Ebony) · B. variegata var. candida (White Butterfly Tree) · B. variegata var. variegata (Mountain-Ebony) · B. winitii (Thai Bauhinia) · B. yunnanensis (Yunnan Bauhinia)

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal November 17, 2007:



  1. "Bauhinia". in Flora of Pakistan . Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press. Online at [back]
  2. Mean = 173.560 meters (569.423 feet), Standard Deviation = 789.330 based on 34 observations. Altitude information for each observation from British Oceanographic Data Centre. [back]
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