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Anagallis arvensis arvensis


Common Names

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Common Names in Dutch:

rood guichelheil

Common Names in English:

Pimpernel, Bird´s-Eye, Poor-Man´s-Weatherglass, Red Chickweed, Scarlet Pimpernel, Shepherd´s-Clock, Shepherd´s-Weatherglass

Common Names in French:

Buglosse Des Champs, Mouron Des Champs

Common Names in German:


Common Names in Romanian:

Scânteiuţă, Scînteiuţă, Scinteuta

Common Names in Spanish:



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Family Primulaceae

Herbs perennial or annual , rarely suffruticose . Leaves alternate, opposite, or whorled , often all basal, simple , entire to lobed . Flowers solitary or in panicles, racemes , or umbels, usually with bracts, perfect , (4- or) 5(--9) -merous, often heterostylous (Primula) . Calyx persistent . Corolla gamopetalous, actinomorphic , rarely absent (Glaux) . Stamens as many as and opposite corolla lobes , ± epipetalous , occasionally with scalelike staminodes. Filaments free or connate into a tube at base . Ovary superior, rarely semi-inferior (Samolus), unilocular ; placentation free central; style simple; stigma inconspicuous, capitate. Fruit a capsule, dehiscing by valves , rarely circumscissile or indehiscent. Seeds many or few; embryo small, straight, surrounded by endosperm.

The family contains 22 genera and ca. 1000 species, occurring mainly in temperate and mountainous regions of the northern hemisphere. Twelve genera and 517 species are widely distributed throughout China, but are represented mostly in the S and W regions. The centers of diversity for Primula, Androsace, and Omphalogramma are W Sichuan, E Xizang, and NW Yunnan. Lysimachia is also highly developed in provinces S of the Chang Jiang, while Pomatosace is an endemic genus confined to a small area of NW Sichuan and Qinghai.

Many species of Primula and Androsace are cultivated for their attractive flowers as pot plants , in rock gardens, or in garden borders . Some species of Lysimachia are used medicinally. Cyclamen persicum Miller is frequently cultivated as a pot plant.[1]

Genus Anagallis

Herbs annual , biennial, or perennial , usually glabrous . Stems erect to decumbent . Leaves opposite or alternate, rarely verticillate , short petiolate to sessile, margin entire. Flowers solitary, axillary , 5-merous. Calyx parted nearly to base ; lobes spreading . Corolla blue, red, or white, rotate or infundibuliform ; tube very short or obsolete ; lobes contorted in bud. Stamens attached at base of corolla; filaments usually pubescent ; anthers ellipsoid , apex obtuse , dorsifixed . Ovary ovoid ; style filiform ; stigma obtuse. Capsule globose , circumscissile, many seeded.

Approximately 28 species distributed throughout the temperate zone in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America; one species occurs in China.[2]


Typically found at an altitude of 0 to 1,287 meters (0 to 4,222 feet).[3]


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Publishing author : L. Publication : Flora der Schweiz 1909

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Anagallis

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