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Akebia guinata


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Genus Akebia

Vines , twining . Leaves palmately compound ; leaflets 3-5, articulate at base of blade and at base of petiolule . Inflorescences racemose, pistillate flowers proximal to staminate flowers in each raceme . Flowers dimorphic : pistillate flowers larger and longer pediceled than staminate flowers; sepals mostly brownish to purplish. Staminate flowers: pistillodes present. Pistillate flowers: pistils (3-) -8(-15) ; placentation laminar ; staminodes present. Fruits follicles, fleshy , dehiscent along adaxial suture. Seeds 100-several hundred . x = 16.

Species 4: North America, Asia.

Pistils in Akebia are incompletely closed distally (W. W. Payne and J. L. Seago 1968).[1]


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Members of the genus Akebia

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  1. "Akebia". in Flora of North America Vol. 3. Oxford University Press. Online at [back]
Last Revised: 2015-02-03