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The Order Celastrales is a member of the Class Magnoliopsida. Here is the complete "parentage" of Celastrales:

The Order Celastrales is further organized into finer groupings including:


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The Celastraceae (or staff vine or bittersweet family; syn. Canotiaceae, Chingithamnaceae, Euonymaceae, Goupiaceae, Lophopyxidaceae, and Siphonodontaceae in Cronquist system), is a family of about 90-100 genera and 1,300 species of vines, shrubs and small trees, belonging to the order Celastrales. The great majority of the genera are tropical, with only Celastrus (the staff vines), Euonymus (the spindles) and Maytenus widespread in temperate climates. [more]


Hippocrateaceae Juss. previously consisted of about 150 tropical and subtropical species of shrubs and lianes, and is now included in the Celastraceae family. Formerly it comprised the following genera: [more]




Stackhousiaceae R.Br. is an obsolete family of plants, now merged into the Celastraceae family. When accepted, it comprised the following genera: [more]

At least 3 species and subspecies belong to the Family Stackhousiaceae.

More info about the Family Stackhousiaceae may be found here.


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