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A Class in the Kingdom Animalia.


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The Class Thaliacea is further organized into finer groupings including:


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Doliolida are small marine animals of the Tunicata phylum, related to salps and pyrosomas. The Doliolid body is small, typically 1?2 cm long, and barrel-shaped; it features two wide siphons, one at the front and the other at the back end, and eight or nine circular muscle strands reminiscent of barrel bands. Like all tunicates, they are filter feeders. They are free-floating; the same forced flow of water through their body with which they gather plankton is used for propulsion - not unlike a tiny ramjet engine. Doliolids are capable of quick movement. They have a complicated life cycle consisting of sexual and asexual generations. They are nearly exclusively tropical animals, although a few species can be found as far to the north as North California. [more]




A salp (plural salps) or salpa (plural salpae or salpas) is a barrel-shaped, planktonic tunicate. It moves by contracting, thus pumping water through its gelatinous body. The salp strains the pumped water through its internal feeding filters, feeding on phytoplankton. [more]

At least 70 species and subspecies belong to the Order Salpida.

More info about the Order Salpida may be found here.


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