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A Family in the Kingdom Animalia.


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The Family Siganidae is a member of the Order Perciformes. Here is the complete "parentage" of Siganidae:

The Family Siganidae is further organized into finer groupings including:


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Rabbitfishes or spinefoots are perciform fishes in the family Siganidae. The 28 species are in a single genus, Siganus. In some now obsolete classifications, the species having prominent face stripes?colloquially called foxfaces?are in the genus Lo. Other species like the Masked Spinefoot (S. puellus) show a reduced form of the stripe pattern. Rabbitfishes are found in shallow lagoons in the Indo-Pacific and eastern Mediterranean. [more]

At least 72 species and subspecies belong to the Genus Siganus.

More info about the Genus Siganus may be found here.


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