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A Family in the Kingdom Animalia.


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The Family Ascaridiidae is a member of the Superfamily Heterakoidea. Here is the complete "parentage" of Ascaridiidae:

The Family Ascaridiidae is further organized into finer groupings including:


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Ascaridia () is the name of a genus of parasitic nematodes. Members of the genus are primarily intestinal parasites of birds. There are three well known species, namely, A. galli found mostly in chicken, A. dissimilis in turkeys, and A. columbae in pigeons. Lesser known species such as A. hermaphrodita, A. sergiomeirai, A. ornata, A. nicobarensis and A. platyceri are found in parrots. [more]

At least 15 species and subspecies belong to the Genus Ascaridia.

More info about the Genus Ascaridia may be found here.


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