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A Subclass in the Kingdom Animalia.


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The Order Archaeognatha is a member of the Class Insecta. Here is the complete "parentage" of Archaeognatha:

The Order Archaeognatha is further organized into finer groupings including:


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Machilidae is a family of primitive insects belonging to the order Archaeognatha (the bristletails). There are around 250 described species worldwide. These insects are wingless, elongated and more or less cylindrical with a distinctive humped thorax and covered with tiny, close-fitting scales. The color is usually grey or brown, sometimes intricately patterned. There are three "tails" at the rear of the abdomen: two cerci and a long central . They have large compound eyes, often meeting at a central point. They resemble the silverfish and the firebrat. [more]


Meinertellidae is a small family of basal insects belonging to the order Archaeognatha. They are sometimes known as rock bristletails. These insects can be distinguished from members of the other Archaeognatha family, Machilidae, by the lack of scales at the base of the legs and antennae. [more]



More info about the Family Triassomachilidae may be found here.


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