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Varanus finschi

(Finsch's Monitor)

Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Finsch's Monitor, Finsch s Monitor


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Biome: Terrestrial [1].

Ecology: This species is often confused with V. indicus, leading to limited habitat information available for this species (Philipp et al. 2004, S. Sweet pers. comm. ). It appears to occur in forests and forages principally on the ground , in mangroves , lowland forest and second-growth forest (Philipp et al. 2004, S. Sweet pers. comm. ).[1].

List of Habitats:


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Philipp & BÖhme 1999 • Varanus doreanusVaranus doreanus finschi BÖhme Horn & Ziegler 1994 • Varanus doreanus finschi — De Lisle 1996: 122 • Varanus finschi — Ast 2001 • Varanus finschi — Ziegler • Varanus< /i> (Euprepiosaurus) Finschi — Ziegler Et Al. 2007


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Not listed by COGGER 2000.

This is a distinct species within the Varanus indicus species group (Ziegler et al. 2007).[1].

Similar Species

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Data Sources

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  1. Bennett, D. & Sweet, S.S. 2010. Varanus finschi. In: IUCN 2011. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2011.2. <>. Downloaded on 05 February 2012. [back]
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