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Urticina coriacea

(Stubby Rose Anemone)


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Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Buried Urticina, Leathery Anemone, Red Bead Anemone, Scarlet Anemone, Stubby Rose Anemone


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Physical Description

Species Urticina coriacea

As with all Urticina, this species has no acontia but does have tubercles on the column wall. The greenish oral disk has no radiating white stripes , and its margin has no sphaerules. The tentacles, which occur in 4 whorls, are stubby, blunt , and may have some faint but broad lighter colored cross-bands or may be green, pink, red, or blue. This species has a red column with red tubercles which accumulate sand and gravel and are usually not in rows . There is no green on the column. Its oral disk and tentacles are a mix of red and greenish-gray. It usually is partly buried in coarse sand or gravel. Up to 15 cm tall and 10 cm diameter.[1]


Buried in coarse sand or gravel in tidepools, subtidal , may be on rock walls subtidally. Depth Range : Low intertidal to 45 m (Ref. 109953)

This species usually is attached to a rock below the sediment with only the oral disk exposed, or subtidal individuals may be attached directly to a rock and not living in sediment.[1]


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Predators include the leather star Dermasterias imbricata. [1]


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Tealia lofotensis


This species may be a species complex.[1]

Similar Species

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Of anemones with a red column, Urticina lofotensis and U. columbiana have white tubercles arranged in rows. U. crassicornis may have a red column (usually with some green) but it does not accumulate sand and gravel and its tentacles usually have broad cross-bands. Urticina piscivora also has a red column but its inconspicuous tubercles do not accumulate sand and gravel. Cribrinopsis fernaldi has spherules at the margin of the oral disk and its tentacles have fine dark red zigzag bands across them. Most of the other red-columned anemones do not bury in sand or gravel. (Ref. 109953)

Members of the genus Urticina

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U. columbiana (Crusty Red Anemone) · U. coriacea (Stubby Rose Anemone) · U. crassicornis (Thick-Petaled Rose Anemone (In E. N America)) · U. felina (Northern Red Anemone) · U. lofotensis (White-Spotted Rose Anemone) · U. mcpeaki (Mcpeak Anemone) · U. piscivora (Fish-Eating Anemone)

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  1. Cowles, Dave. Key to Invertebrates Found At or Near The Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory (a campus of Walla Walla University) Fidalgo Island, Anacortes, WA May 2009. [back]
Last Revised: 2015-02-05