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Tor tambroides

(Greater brook carp)


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Family : Minnows or carps ; Inhabits pools and runs over gravel and cobble in rivers flowing through undisturbed forests [1]. Juveniles were most commonly collected in or near rapids [2]. Found in small rivers and streams during the dry season . Moves downstream at the onset of the rainy season, but generally avoids turbid waters. Migrates upstream after two months and spawns in July near the mouths of small streams that the young subsequently ascend. Omnivorous , feeding on both animal and vegetable matter, at times consuming toxic fruits in flooded forests, making them temporarily inedible.

Common Names

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Common Names in Czech:

Mahs, Mahsír padangský

Common Names in Danish:

Thai mahseer, Thai-mahseer

Common Names in English:

Greater brook carp, Thai mahseer

Common Names in French:


Common Names in German:

Mahseer, Riesen barbe

Common Names in Javanese:


Common Names in Khmer:

Trey khaor

Common Names in Lao:

Pa kva

Common Names in Laotian:

Pa kva

Common Names in Malay:


Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

似野結魚, 似野结鱼

Common Names in Polish:


Common Names in Spanish:


Common Names in Spanish, Castilian:


Common Names in Thai:

Pla wien

Common Names in Vietnamese:

Cá Ng?a xám, Cá Ngựa xám


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Barbus tambroides (Bleeker • Labeobarbus tambroidesLabeobarbus tambroides Bleeker • Labeobarbus tambroides Bleeker, 1854 • Tor tambroides


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 29-Jan-1998

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Tor

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T. douronensis (Semah Mahseer) · T. khudree (Khudree Mahseer) · T. kulkarnii (Dwarf Mahseer) · T. malabaricus (Malabar Mahseer) · T. mussullah (High-Backed Mahseer) · T. progeneius (Jungha of the Assamese) · T. putitora (Common Himalayan Mahseer) · T. sinensis (Atlantic New British Torpedo) · T. tambroides (Greater Brook Carp) · T. tambroides or (Thai Mahseer) · T. tor (Deep Bodied Masheer)

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Data Sources

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  1. Rainboth, W.J. (1996). Fishes of the Cambodian Mekong. FAO Species Identification Field Guide for Fishery Purposes. FAO, Rome, 265 p. [back]
  2. Kottelat, M. (1998). Fishes of the Nam Theun and Xe Bangfai basins, Laos, with diagnoses of twenty-two new species (Teleostei: Cyprinidae, Balitoridae, Cobitidae, Coiidae and Odontobutidae). Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwat. 9(1):1-128. [back]
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