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Tanichthys albonubes

(white cloud mountain minnow)


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Family : Minnows or carps ; Can water temperature as low as 5¦C. Feeds on zooplankton and detritus . Aquarium keeping: in groups of 5 or more individuals; minimum aquarium size 60 cm[1].

Common Names

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Common Names in Bulgarian:

Кардинал (риба)

Common Names in Cantonese:

Bak wan gam si, Bak wan san ue, Hung mei ue

Common Names in Chinese:

Bak wan gam si, Bak wan san ue, Hung mei ue, 唐魚

Common Names in Czech:

Fale, Falešná neónka, Falešná neónka, Kardin, Kardinálka čínská, Neprav, Nepravá neonka, Tanova rybka, Venu, Venušina rybka, Venušina rybka

Common Names in Danish:

Hvid skybjerg, Skybjergfisk

Common Names in Dutch:

Chinese danio

Common Names in English:

Canton danio, Chinese danio, White Cheeked Shark, White cloud, White cloud minnow, White cloud mountain fish, white cloud mountain minnow

Common Names in Finnish:


Common Names in French:

Néon du pauvre

Common Names in German:


Common Names in Japanese:


Common Names in Lithuanian:

Kardinolai (karpinės)

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

唐魚, 唐鱼, 广东细鲫 (潘氏细鲫), 廣東細鯽 (潘氏細鯽)

Common Names in Norwegian:


Common Names in Polish:

Kardynalek chinski, Kardynałek chiński

Common Names in Russian:

Кардинал (рыба)

Common Names in Slovak:

Kardinálka čínska

Common Names in Swedish:



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Biome: Freshwater [2].

Ecology: Inhabits clear, slow-moving brooks with thick weed growth. Feeds on plankton , meiobenthos and larvae of aquatic insects (Yi et al. 2004; Chen 2006). Spawns several times a year, from March to October, on plants (Chen et al. 2004).[2].

List of Habitats :


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Aphyocypris pooniAphyocypris pooni Herre • Tanichthys albonubes Lin, 1932


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 11-Aug-1994

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Tanichthys

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 2 species and subspecies in this genus:

T. albonubes (White Cloud Mountain Minnow) · T. micagemmae (Vietnamese White Cloud Minnow)

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Data Sources

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