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Synodus lobeli

(Lobel's Lizardfish)


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Family : Lizardfishes ; Found on sand bottoms [1].

Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Lobel's Lizardfish

Common Names in Hawaiian:


Common Names in Japanese:

Aosuji eso, Aosuji-Eso

Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

洛氏狗母魚, 洛氏狗母鱼


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Biome: Marine .


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Synodus varius (non Lacepède


Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Eschmeyer[2] gives 1989 but 1988 is correct.

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Synodus

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S. binotatus (Two-Spot Lizard Fish) · S. capricornis (Capricorn Lizardfish) · S. dermatogenys (Grey-Streak Lizardfish) · S. doaki (Doak´s Lizardfish) · S. englemani (Engleman's Lizardfish) · S. evermanni (Spotted Lizardfish) · S. foetens (Galliwasp) · S. hoshinonis (Blackshoulder Lizardfish) · S. indicus (Indian Lizardfish) · S. intermedius (Sand Diver) · S. isolatus (Rapanui Lizardfish) · S. jaculum (Black-Tailed Lizardfish) · S. kaianus (Gunther´s Lizard Fish) · S. lacertinus (Calico Lizardfish) · S. lobeli (Lobel's Lizardfish) · S. lucioceps (Smallscale Lizardfish) · S. macrocephalus (Largehead Lizardfish) · S. macrops (Tripleband Scorpionfish) · S. marchenae (Lizardfish) · S. oculeus (Large-Eye Lizardfish) · S. poeyi (Offshore Lizardfish) · S. rubromarmoratus (Red-Marbled Lizardfish) · S. sageneus (Speartoothed Grinner) · S. saurus (Bluestripe Lizardfish) · S. scituliceps (Shorthead Lizardfish) · S. sechurae (Sechura Lizardfish) · S. similis (Blackspot Lizardfish) · S. synodus (Redbarred Lizardfish) · S. tectus (Tail-Bar Lizardfish) · S. ulae (Five-Band Lizardfish) · S. variegatus (Fowler's Lizard Fish) · S. lobeli (Commerson's Sea Pike)

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Data Sources

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  1. Waples, R.S. and J.E. Randall (1988). A revision of the Hawaiian lizardfish of the genus Synodus, with descriptions of four new species. Pac. Sci. 42(3-4):178-213. [back]
  2. Eschmeyer, W.N., Editor (2003). Catalog of fishes. Updated database version of March 2003. Catalog databases as made available to FishBase in March 2003. [back]
Last Revised: 2014-11-21